Grand track the first roadshow opening Amber Kuo Wang Duo airborne Suzhou

"Grand track" the first roadshow opening Amber Kuo Wang Duo airborne Suzhou Tencent entertainment news September 20th, directed by Guo Jingming himself, Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, William Chan, Amber Kuo, Yan Yikuan, Wang Yuan, Lin Yun, starring Wang Duo, Yang Mi Aarif Lee, a special star, friendship movie "grand track" officially opened the National Road in Suzhou. Held the first creative will meet. The film starring Amber Kuo, Wang Duo appeared in a number of local studios with fans and fans intimate interaction, eager to exchange, talk about interesting movie scenes, sharing the harvest with the sentiment of filming. Amber Kuo live 9 years harvest fans came to support, Wang Duo turned countless ring powder expression package. In addition, Amber Kuo and Wang Duo will be in the film, "cangxue tooth" doll gift activities at the scene of the fans and the fans, and together with intimate photo frame. The film will be released in September 30th a comprehensive, the first pilot national archives. "Grand track" roadshow opening Amber Kuo Wang Duo started the first station in Suzhou on the afternoon of the same day, the movie "grand track" starring Amber Kuo and Wang Duo appeared the roadshow’s first number of studios in Suzhou, and the scene had the audience waiting to interact, the atmosphere is very warm. The active site of the fans and viewers have said: "the film" grand track "for a long time, looking forward to the early release of the film." Amber Kuo and Wang Duo the scene said: "it is an honor to cooperate with the director Guo Jingming, and together in such a fresh film." There are fans of the whole in the studio wearing high-heeled shoes while filming the injured Amber Kuo expressed concern condolences, said "to see amber filming injured very distressed in the" grand track "footage." Amber Kuo said with a smile this time is new, you’ve never met Amber Kuo, "because the film I was 72 to 1 meters long, all are high heels ran." More senior fans, said: from the "Taipei page" began to like mining Jie, to the later "small time" series, it can be said that I have her youth, I grew up with her. Director Guo Jingming has been concerned about the "grand track", is also a small fan, certainly can not miss the Suzhou event." There are 9 small fans came to support the film "grand track", met his idol Amber Kuo and Wang Duo very excited and happy, and Amber Kuo said: "I hope can grow up like amber sister as beautiful and talented, September 30th will bring parents support the film" grand track "!" Amber Kuo is also in the event of "change" Baroness Maria Teresa, "goddess of the skirt" skills to release the scene in the film moves to teach you action, the elegant figure is more fans and fans praised: "the beautiful goddess still elegant, amber!" Wang Duo avatar walking face pack ring powder Amber Kuo was named "God husband" and for the first time in the movie "grand track" first roadshow Wang Duo said is nervous and shy, worried that their performance is not good enough, but by the fans and the fans as well as Amber Kuo’s encouragement and support, Amber Kuo is still on the stage shouting himself Wang Duo fans, and his signature poster to Wang duo. Wang Duo also gradually recovered, the embodiment of walking expression package, a small circle of expression constantly, dubbed the powder countless fans, a new generation of men of God husband". In addition, Amber Kuo, wang.相关的主题文章: