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"Grand track" the ultimate Trailer   Guo Jingming responded: I own the cheapest price paid, entertainment channel, original title: actor Guo Jingming: my own the cheapest price paid? – Fan Bingbing – Guo Jingming – Amber Kuo and William Chan Guo Jingming’s film "grand track" on the 1 day conference held in Beijing, Guo guide Fan Bingbing, Chen Xuedong, William Chan, and Amber Kuo, Lin Yun, Yan Yikuan and other collective secret IMAX 3D ultimate trailer. Guo Jingming admitted that everyone looks forward to a lot of pressure on their own, hoping to reduce the minimum regret. William Chan blew the role is very abnormal, site and Amber Kuo each up to show close, with the schedule of two movie titled Fan Bingbing also claimed no pressure. Guo Jingming fans expectations: I hope to produce the perfect answer notice Aslan film the empire king and the apostles "burning soul boldness" opened the plot and hidden secret characters than the previous edition Trailer more three-dimensional full screen texture is more delicate, the battle scenes more shocking audio-visual. Director Guo Jingming said the movie has been staying in Nanjing to do the film studio, later also adhere to the serialized novels, "the collapse is unlikely, but sometimes too tired, the body is very uncomfortable. The film is an art of regret, there must be a regret to stay in the big screen, but you can take pity from 30 to 20 further reduced to 10, I have seen the film really shocked." Directed by "grand track" to develop the new type of Chinese film, Guo Jingming also said that everyone looks forward to your great pressure, hope to produce the perfect answer, and live up to the trust of the actors". The day before the cast of "price paid", although everyone to Guo guide is the most expensive, but Guo Jingming said he is the cheapest, the cost in the later stage, help everyone to find them so that when they play each other in both male and female, according to the cost price is certainly not enough". The novel "grand track" in the king and the apostles with affection, friendship and love beyond the fourth kind of emotion, "silver zero" "you." CP readers. When it comes to such luxury team, said Guo Jingming Fan Bingbing, William Chan very dedicated character, when shooting wear also limits the performance. William Chan blew: fear not play perverted screen broadcast not so much "Fan Bingbing said was not a reasonable person" is the strongest lineup, none of the movies that have cast for everyone to enjoy, nor do such a young director Guo Jingming, believe that there will be a very good result, finished feel not shoot enough so, in the "grand track 2" black hopes to go bad. The same schedule and another "I am not Pan Jinlian", Fan Bingbing said his love of the people will see, also out of the package, also no pressure at all. Chen Xuedong bluntly their role at least, because there is not a play is a civilian, but nothing good. He said "had to do this scene, we feel that is not easy to achieve, Asia is no precedent for this, before the read 50 Fen effects, but then found can be made this way, I hope everyone to appreciate and tolerant attitude to see". From the "time" to "grand track", Chen Xuedong claimed a lot of confidence, before acting to be afraid of fear, and Bing Bing will be acting)相关的主题文章: