GT show Mini myshow modified selection

GT Show MINI myshow modified selection started in September 10th to September 11th, seventh cool cars Festival scheduled in kuju town. Many car, supercar gathered in a small town, belonging to the riders Carnival activities started. Dozens of media, nearly a thousand converted riders and hundreds of vehicles in the town to spend a weekend full of passion. Kuju town for the event to prepare a special helicopter and kart project, for you enjoy this happy occasion. The seventh coolcar festival event on the evening of September 11th, by the organizing committee, networking, GTShow club CMC China Mini jointly sponsored GTShow MINI myshow refit contest officially kicked off. At the ceremony, as the organizers of the network founder Mr. Wu Zhonghua speech on the stage, he said a lot of people full of misconceptions about the car, a modification to refit and Racing Association together, which is a modified more owners show self personality, but also a way of life, in order to promote the modified culture right. From the beginning of MINI models, modified selection activities will continue to carry out the brand model. Change the network founder Mr. Wu Zhonghua speech on the stage after the largest MINI club, CMC MINI Chinese club official field stage speech, he introduced the CMC club to everyone, there are more than 20 thousand MINI owners, MINI is the only officially recognized by the owner of the club, they will mobilize MINI users actively participate in exhibition and voting. CMC MINI Chinese club head field speech contest was   ASPEC, BOOSTane, ZORRO, a service of brand support, providing lucrative prizes and bonuses for the participation of owners and owners of the award-winning, the highest award of 10000 yuan, believe that we can attract considerable riders to participate, in order to expand participation that vote of fans also have the opportunity to win prizes. Car is more a full range of upgrades and customization of the vehicle, to a small car, the body surrounded by custom from the appearance of color, to enhance the vehicle performance, the owners need more creativity and ideas, but also conform to the national cultural innovation contest theme, promote personalized consumer market development, let MINI the owners have more opportunities, and provide a platform for the owners, to avoid detours in personalized upgrade.   GTShow MINI myshow modified selection contest, is a show of their own car owners for the MINI game. From now until October 10th, download the modified ring APP upload their own MINI modification case, and in the car system to select MINI, you can participate in the MINI contest. GTShow modified MINI myshow Contest Awards: a personality popular king 1, 1, 2 runner up champion, runner up 3, Best Creative Award 3, MINI goddess award 3 weeks champion and 5. In addition to the winning owners to obtain the corresponding reward, more opportunities and networking programs of car, shooting exclusively.相关的主题文章: