Guangzhou passenger through self-service turned 10 meters will be able to send the luggage to go dingxiangwuyuetian

Guangzhou passenger through self-service turned 10 meters will be able to send the luggage to go (correspondent: Luo Zhijuan, Ding Yi) recently went to the Baiyun Airport, will see two regional airport three storey main building under construction, the Tencent Guangdong Net today (October 14th) learned from the Baiyun Airport, the construction area will reopen on the on Sept. 20, there will be a big surprise. It is understood that the day before the adjustment of the Baiyun Airport Departure Hall in the three storey main building layout, demolition of shops and advertising contract, the self-service equipment unified original points, distributed display, giving customers a better visual space and travel experience. With the steady development of Baiyun Airport, passenger throughput continued to improve, in 2015 the actual passenger throughput has exceeded 55 million passengers, this year’s traffic is expected to exceed 58 million passengers, far more than the design capacity of 35 million passengers. In order to enhance the passenger travel experience, do the overall planning, the Baiyun Airport decided to adjust the terminal part of the commercial layout, demolition of three shops atrium 4 departure hall plate contract expires, adding "self-service centralized processing zone", will be more space for the terminal is located in the main process service. Relevant responsible person said that the four regions each region length of about 36 meters, according to the size of existing self-service equipment, each region can be placed 45 self-service equipment. The west two districts, placing domestic self-service equipment; on the 1 District on the north side, the international and domestic self-service mixed display; on a District East International check-in, as international self-service area. The first stage will be the construction of Three Domestic Check-in dominated regions, each region placed 36 self-service equipment, a total of 108 units display self-service equipment. The second stage will be the construction of self-service check-in area close to the international, the international placing self-service equipment, and at the same time according to the business volume growth, the purchase of new self-service equipment. For the convenience of the passengers with checked baggage, Baiyun Airport will adjust the existing check-in, in L, K, E three check-in baggage buffet special counter construction. Then, the passenger through self-service, turn around ten meters away, you can apply for self-service baggage check-in, will greatly improve the speed and efficiency. For the centralized self-service passenger concerned, how to know the passengers? Baiyun Airport has also introduced a series of new initiatives. Including the construction of supporting logo guidelines. Built centralized self-service area, will also increase the "self-service check-in" logo in terminal 27 points. Then, the passenger terminal no matter in which area of the hall, can accurately know how to focus on self-service area. In addition, in the self-service area will also increase the 4 column identification, increase manpower training services, the use of self-service habits. At the same time, Baiyun Airport will adjust the explosion-proof security work started on the entry control. The three storey main building on the south side entrance from the original 2, 3, 6, 4, 5, adjust the door number 6, exports from the original 4 to 3, gate gate 7; three layer on the north side of the original 11, entrance gate 15 adjusted to 12, number 13, exports from the original No. 13 the door was adjusted to 11, gate 14. This adjustment can make travelers entering the terminal will be able to see the centralized self-service area, no longer look for airline counters.相关的主题文章: