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Vacation-Rentals Nostalgic Colonial Charm at Hacienda San Angel, Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta is famous for its nostalgic and charming nature from its attractions down to its ac.modations and one such hotel which helps preserve the mystery of the city is Hacienda San Angel. The boutique hotel .bines modernity with colonial charm successfully without destroying the essence of the place. The owner, Janice, is very hands-on with most guests meeting her at one time or the other, and the impact of her presence shows because the staff is always upbeat and willing to serve. The exterior is homey and intimate with .fortable furniture and lounges. San Angel is mostly used as a retreat house for those looking for a quiet place for reflection and their services cater to the market rather well. Yoga and Pilates practitioners, as well as those who are into meditation will find the place apt for its programs. One should also visit their fine dining restaurants with meals that offer a wide variety for specific diets such as vegetarians, vegans or meat lovers. Finding the Hacienda San Angel is truly a rare treasure. Ac.modations near the Old Town of Puerto Vallarta Tourists sometimes fall into the trap of visiting the same safe hotel zones during their trip, and this goes the same for some tourists in Puerto Vallarta. Although there are some good hotel spots in the area, exploring Puerto Vallarta is a must for those who want to see a more authentic picture of the place. Old Town Vallarta is reminiscent of its Spanish influence with cobblestone steps and small quirky shops for tourists to get lost in. There are many hotels central to old Vallarta that provide convenience and idyllic location. Theres Hotel El Pescador. Although it is more rustic than what tourists are used to, the hotel has its own classy ambiance especially since its recent renovation. The hotel has private access to the beach and is quite cheap considering its location in old Vallarta. Another great hotel in the area is Plaza Principal is near the el Malecon where a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and galleries await the tourist. Hotel Mocali, Hotel Rosita, Hotel Encino and Vallarta Shores are also near the area of old Vallarta. A Nice View of Marina Vallarta through a nearby Hotel Those who want a temporary escape from the overcrowded streets of el Malecon will enjoy its counterpart, the Marina Vallarta. The Marina Vallarta is a more contemporary and high class port, still catering to tourists with access to different golf courses, boats, yachts, shopping areas, art galleries, coffee places and the lighthouse. If you want the convenience of always being close to where the action is, then staying in hotels near the area seems the most practical choice. The Flamingo Vallarta is a hotel which has a view of the marina from its balconies with 96 rooms to choose from. Club Embarcadero Pacifico is an all inclusive resort that is ideal for honeymooners and those traveling with kids. It has a childrens area for hours of fun on end and a honeymoon package that can easily be upgraded if needed. These hotels are worthwhile ac.modations when you dont want to miss out on any big events at the Marina. Small Town Appeal at the Los Cuatros Vientos Hotel One thing Puerto Vallarta has maintained over the years is its small town appeal. Even when hotels have flocked the area, the old charm that Puerto Vallarta is famous for is still present for guests to encounter. Ac.modations like Los Cuatros Vientos are one of Puerto Vallartas success stories. The hotel is found in an ideal central location and has a rooftop bar that is open through the night for guests to see an intimate view of the city of Puerto Vallarta or catch the sunrise or sunset on. Expect the most authentic experience as Los Cuatros doesnt have all the modern amenities found in big hotels. Air condition, television, internet connection and phones dont have a place in their rooms. Even if it does sound primitive, it is still ideal for those who want .plete relaxation. The food in its in-house restaurant partnered with its famous lime margaritas are well worth the stay. It is only 5 minutes away from the cobblestoned steps of Puerto Vallarta, ideal for those who like to explore through walking. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: