Health Acupuncture in the treatment of constipation is effective in it may according to Tians

Health: Acupuncture in the treatment of constipation is effective in   it may according to Tianshu – Shandong Channel – constipation is a common cause of constipation, toxin accumulation, affect the beautiful appearance, also can let you become more and more fat, or even a threat to health. So what are the symptoms of constipation? How can we improve constipation? Here is the best way to treat constipation. What are the symptoms of constipation? There are three main types of constipation in clinic, is a dry stool for the style of granular; two is difficult, often on the toilet for a long time that it did not break out; the three is less than 3 times the weekly frequency of defecation in theabsence of drugs. One of the above is a constipation. In addition, constipation is divided into chronic constipation and acute constipation, symptoms are not the same. Acute constipation is caused by acute diseases such as intestinal obstruction, intestinal paralysis, acute peritonitis, cerebrovascular accident, acute myocardial infarction, perianal pain and so on. Chronic constipation without obvious symptoms, but neuroticism, but complained of loss of appetite, abdominal distension, belching, mouth pain, paroxysmal abdominal pain, exhaust and other gastrointestinal symptoms, can be accompanied by dizziness, headache, fatigue and other symptoms of neurosis. The occurrence of symptoms may be related to the dysfunction of intestinal peristalsis, and may also be related to mental factors. As the stool dry and hard, or a sheep, patients may have lower abdominal cramps, straining feeling discomfort. Sometimes the left lower abdomen can reach the spastic sigmoid colon. How to treat constipation? More Dachangshu, Mu acupoints and energizer, kidney meridian acupuncture treatment acupuncture treatment of constipation constipation. The main points such as ditch, Tianshu, Zhaohai, Dachangshu, left. Heat, add Quchi; Qi stagnation, plus Zhongwan, Taichong; blood loss of two, add Pishu, stomach Yu, Zusanli; lower Jiao deficiency moxibustion Shenque, qihai. The real secret with the reducing method, to Qingrerunchang, liver qi; deficiency constipation with reinforcing method, with Replenishing Qi and blood, Runchang catharsis; cold constipation plus moxibustion to temperature coke laxative. E. fumu point Tianshu, Dachangshu E. Beishu, Yu raised the match, to clear the large intestine, bowel gas general conduction function recovery, constipation can pass. For the ditch through the fire hole, which can drain triple burner fire to purge; Zhaohai kidney water to add Runchang liquid. The song "ERON" said: "the stool closed end can not pass, as the sea clear in the foot, the ditch to purge, we know the wonderful magic point." Quchi purging gas to large intestine by purgation; Zhongwan dredging the triple energizer, Taichong liver qi to bowel; spleen Yu, stomach Yu, Zusanli, support gas, spleen and Stomach Qi Wang, can biochemical Qi and blood, as virtual secret cure method; moxibustion Shenque, Qihai, temperature of coke and qi stagnation in order to defecation; left channel is the experience points in the treatment of constipation (channel point located in about 3 inches below the navel, Guanyuan around about 2 inches on each side on both sides. Left right channel, right channel. (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: