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Hong Kong media: compatriots on both sides should keep in mind the general secretary Sun Zhongshan’s wishes – Beijing, Xi Jinping 11, in commemoration of the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s conference speech, attracted enthusiastic response from all sides. Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" today commented that Xi Jinping’s speech once again demonstrated, the maintenance of national unity’s solemn stance and firm determination, compatriots on both sides should remember Sun Zhongshan’s wishes, to ensure national sovereignty and territorial integrity is not split, and jointly promote the unification of the country. Comment excerpts are as follows: the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping day before Mr. Sun Zhongshan commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of the conference made an important speech, the interpretation of Mr. Sun Zhongshan to safeguard national unity and oppose separatism ideals and beliefs, stressed that "the compatriots on both sides are linked by flesh and blood brothers. The two sides are constantly afraid of the fate of the community. Never allow any person, any organization, any political party, at any time, in any form, to separate any piece of Chinese territory from china." Xi Jinping’s speech once again demonstrated, the maintenance of national unity’s solemn stance and firm determination, six "no" is a clear warning to the "Taiwan independence" elements, on the current situation and the situation of cross-strait relations Shimachi Masaharu has a strong practical relevance. The mainland to commemorate Sun Zhongshan, on the one hand, because this year is the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan, on the other hand is in view of the current cross-strait relations because of the DPP does not recognize the "92 consensus", do not agree with the two sides belong to one Chinese stalled. The DPP authorities have been reluctant to abandon the "Taiwan independence" and "520" program, this year since he took office followed the Chen Shuibian government "to Chinese" acts, and tried to play down the history, culture, and emotional connection. For example, the DPP "legislator" proposal to abolish the suspension of the portrait of Sun Zhongshan Cai Yingwen; the authorities to cancel "Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum Yaoji" ceremony; the independence day and the anniversary of Sun Zhongshan’s birth into a "Memorial Day holiday not only". For the Kuomintang in the ruling class to modify the course of the "go to China" and the concept of the history of the people’s Republic of China, the Democratic Progressive Party came to power to overthrow this policy, to maintain the original "Taiwan independence" class. In the Democratic Progressive Party to "sun" and "to China" on the occasion, Xi Jinping spoke highly of Sun Zhongshan’s immortal feats for national independence, social progress and people’s well-being is established, vigorously promote Sun Zhongshan always firmly safeguard national unity and national unity of the revolutionary spirit and noble character, helps to further unite and jointly oppose "from all walks of life independence and promoting reunification cohesion strength, strengthen cross-strait historical connection and national emotion. Sun Zhongshan is a great man on both sides for a long time, and is also an important spiritual link between the two sides of the Taiwan strait. Sun Zhongshan led the revolution of 1911 is the common memory of the two sides, but also the history of the Chinese people on both sides to fight together. When Sun Zhongshan heart suffered from Japanese colonial oppression of the Taiwan compatriots, made it clear that "the restoration of Taiwan, consolidate the chinese". The three time he went to Taiwan, to promote the establishment of the Taiwan branch of the Patriots xingzhonghui, encouraging Taiwan compatriots against Japanese colonial rule, and actively join in the revolution of 1911. After the death of Sun Zhongshan, Taiwan compatriots expressed in various forms of great men.相关的主题文章: