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Hongkong 3 men and women will be toys to send millions of methamphetamine hidden arrested original title: Hongkong 3 men and women will be toys to send millions of methamphetamine hidden arrested in new network on 29 March, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" report, Hongkong 3 men suspected to be worth about 1 million yuan (HK $, the same below) of methamphetamine, coffined in more than 10 plastic children toys, and ready to send drugs, narcotics bureau of police line according to the report, last night raided the Kowloon Bay Eic building a target unit, on the spot seized drugs arrested 3 people. 3 men and women were arrested, including 1 Huang, 15 years old girl, the newspaper office with the car workers 22 years old and 33 year old man surnamed Liang boyfriend, 1 surname beam, reported unemployment. The police Narcotics Bureau action group chief inspector Luo Jundong said, 3 per capita triad background, the police believe that people with children’s toys as cover of drugs will be sent by post to the drugs, the police are trying to trace the source and destination of this group of drugs, still does not rule out the other party involved at large. The police Narcotics Bureau earlier received intelligence, refers to people using the Kowloon Bay No. 55 Kwun Tong Road Eic building a unit of drug trafficking, and in-depth investigation. To the night before 11 pm, detectives believe the time is ripe, to search results in more than 10 pieces of plastic children toys were seized, weighing about 2.4 kilograms of suspected methamphetamine, a market capitalization of about 1 million yuan, and arrested 2 men and 1 women detained with the department.

香港3名男女将百万冰毒藏玩具内 欲邮寄被捕 原标题:香港3名男女将百万冰毒藏玩具内 欲邮寄被捕 中新网3月29日电 据香港《文汇报》报道,香港3名男女涉嫌将市值约100万元(港元,下同)冰毒,分藏在10多件塑料儿童玩具内,并准备邮寄毒品,警方毒品调查科根据线报,前晚突击搜查九龙湾启德大厦一目标单位,当场搜出毒品拘捕3人。 被捕的3名男女,包括1名黄姓15岁少女,其报称任职跟车工人的22岁梁姓男友,及1名同姓梁、报称失业的33岁男子。警方毒品调查科行动组总督察罗君东表示,3人均有黑社会背景,警方相信有人以儿童玩具作掩饰,将毒品收藏其中,再以邮寄方式寄出毒品,警方正设法追查该批毒品的来源及去向,不排除仍有其他涉案同党在逃。 警方毒品调查科早前接获线报,指有人利用九龙湾观塘道55号启德大厦一个单位进行贩毒活动,于是展开深入调查。至前晚11时许,探员认为时机成熟,前往搜查,结果在10多件塑料儿童玩具内,共搜出重约2.4公斤怀疑冰毒,市值约100万元,当场拘捕2男1女带署扣查。相关的主题文章: