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Hongkong office workers next year is expected to increase an average of 3.5% plus record lows in recent years, the survey found that the company plans to raise the next year’s survey of 63.6% respondents, an average of $3.5%, compared with last year, less than 3.8%. Yang Peiyun photo Beijing, November 3, according to the Hongkong Wen Wei Po reported that 2016 will soon be over, but also to raise most concerned about the working people to predict the seasons. Hongkong Institute of human resource management access to nearly 90 companies, covering 16 industry employers, found that 63.6% of companies surveyed plan next year salary, an average increase of 3.5%, compared with last year forecast this year 3.8% less in magnitude, the increase is the lowest since 2012. The survey also found that this year only 37.4% employees included the issuance of fixed bonus plans, down 3.4 percentage points, bonus amount for an average of 1.02 months basic salary. Vice president of the hole in said that the survey shows that employers swap salary to become more cautious. 63.6% the company intends to pay 2.3% pay freeze survey in September 89 visit cover a total of 16 industries and employs 133 thousand full-time employees of the company, the final 88 companies provide this year to the first quarter of next year salary adjustment data. The survey is expected, 63.6% of respondents plan to raise the next year, the company intends to freeze wages for the employer, the next year, 34.1% did not provide a salary increase rate of. The rate of increase is mainly determined by the performance of the organization, personal performance, market salary adjustment, business performance, inflation and other factors. Vice president of the Hongkong Institute of human resource management in hole 2 pointed out that the face of the mainland economy, the U.S. presidential election, the British and European, the future of the property market and other global factors, plus Hongkong local and overseas consumer confidence, strong dollar and U.S. interest rate hike schedule, which make the enterprise business environment for the coming year "have scruples and retained, so the rise is relatively conservative. The investigation and analysis of the salary adjustment and bonuses this year, 98.9% companies in January this year to September for employees; 1.1% the company recorded a pay freeze; no company said the pay cut, all size companies pay rises relatively low in 2015. However, the average wage increase of 500 companies employing less than 4.2% employees was higher than that of the medium (3.7%) and large (3.5%) companies. The hole in the analysis, in the economic and business environment of uncertainty, were down Hongkong employers in pay and non fixed bonus amount, reflecting the employer swap salary to become more cautious. He added that the banking business due to restructuring lead to increased costs, to increase from 3.9% in 2015 to 2.2% this year, the retail industry is unpredictable next step out of the winter. Editor: GDN003相关的主题文章: