Hosting A Twilight Halloween Party-bleep

Movies-TV Fall is fast approaching and so is the showing of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2! Im a lover of vampire stories, always have been. Dracula has scared me to death but also thrilled me with such romantic thoughts as loving his mate so much that he would turn her into one of his kind to be with him forever. So morbidly Halloween. While the Twilight Saga is a very toned down version of the tales of Dracula in his castle, immortal Edward with his sparkly skin just gets me somewhere in there…that must be admitting I have a heart that beats in my chest. No Twilight fan admits that! While I enjoyed the books quite a bit and each movie more and more, I find that as my mind wanders from it, I lose the sense of my obsession. But that doesnt mean that Halloween isnt the perfect time to enjoy the theme! So, decide who you are going to be from the cast and get your guest list made up. Once youve done that, select your date and get the invites made. Be sure that when you send them, you give your guests a minimum of two weeks to respond to you or they will forget. Great! Invites are done. Now think about your costume, I hope you required your guests to dress as a character…or at least a vampire! Figure out what pieces you will need for your costume and get a list made. Food is always a big deal at parties. Are you going to have vampire themed food, or just easy snacks? Red punch and finger cookies, angel food cake and strawberries, cupcakes with vampire bites in them, and decorated sugar cookies are great for atmosphere. Serve it in elegant stemware or in test tubes, if you want to pour juice into them all night. For a dinner, tomato soup and meatloaf hands are pretty gross ways to share a meal. Also keep in mind that Bella loves eggs! Think of ways to decorate your house. Do you want to do spooky, or just have it be normal? What music do you want to have playing, the Monster Mash or something classical? Edward was always a little more of a classics guy, I do believe. Play games to break the ice between everyone. You could play a trivia game of Twilight questions, Charades of Twilight things, or even have a murder mystery planned in which one of your guests will be the victim of the silly game and one will be the perpetrator. There are many things you can do, utilize the web for ideas. Be on the ready for guests to arrive, this will definitely get them all pumped up and ready for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2 since it feels like forever since The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1 came out! Maybe all of you should save those costumes and dress up when the movie .es out this November. That is just days after Halloween! You really should! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: