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Email-Marketing Email campaign or Email marketing is a method of promoting a product or service using an automatic email sender known as auto responder. Email marketing can surely help to generate your website in.e by sending series of promotional email in regular day and time. Autoreponder: Auto responder is software that sends email automatically on schedule date and time. Firstly you have to make a choice for an auto responder .pany to join. The first process is to made a series of campaign and program the schedule of email delivery, there are two option of email format are the HTML which allow you to send email on a newsletter, it also allows you to attached picture and video to add attraction on your email. Text email is just a regular email on regular text. Opt-In Form Opt in form is box used for giving a person a choice to received a series of email. The administrator usually offer valuable gift in exchange of the name and email address. Opt in form is very important because it is only the legal way of obtaining peoples email addresses with being accused of spamming. Upon entry of name and email address a confirmation letter are usually sent to verify or confirm peoples request for information. Each of the email send also has a link when the subscriber decides to be remove on the email list. Benefit of Email Marketing: It is believe that just visiting a website is not enough to convince people to buy a product. Study shows that people start to decide favorably on their fifth or sixth website visit. Auto responder automatically sends email for follow up until the time they decide purchase a product. With auto responder you just need to program and configure the system once, once the system was set the email will be automatically sent depending on the setting. Dos and Don"ts for Email Marketing: -Do not share you subscriber email addresses to other as we don"t want them to be abused for sending unauthorized email messages. -Do not bombard them with lots of offer, e mail marketing is a method of building trust from your subscriber. Instead send them a free advice, tips, and tutorial with regards to the information their requested time to time will surely help to develop a positive atmosphere and trust from your subscriber. – Send email on 3 days interval series. – Learn to use HTML format which is more attractive form of email messages. -Do not forget to include a link for whatever promotional letter that being send. Email marketing is one of the foundations of a successful web based business if implemented properly. Just remember to apply right manners to achieved best result when implementing email marketing. 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