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Writing No matter you drive or not, we would find that the update of city maps today far lag behind city construction speed. Old city transforms, previous familiar road have worn new clothes, housing estate and high business building rise so quickly on the ground How to effectively locate your destination in such a fast-changing environment? Car electronics GPS is born for such purpose. Shortened from Global Position System, it is space-based global navigation satellite system which offers trustworthy, accurate information about location and time anywhere on or near the Earth under any weather condition. GPS’ Popularity as well as reduced manufacturing cost has already made its suppliers make huge money. The number of GPS on the market jumps. Consumers could find lower priced system from wholesale electronics providers. How to avoid low price traps and buy cost-effective GPS? Here will re.mend you four "Options." 1. Choose chips Signal reception capability is the core of GPS. At present, most GPS for car apply the 3rd chip from SiRFStarIII. The biggest feature of this chip is that it is capable of hunting and tracking signals and reducing signal disturbance caused by high buildings surrounded your location under terrible weather conditions. The quality of chip determines the GPS’ speed and accuracy when GPS calculates route. For the same destination, different chips might offer you different routes. The best route is what we need, so don’t neglect the importance of chips. 2. Choose Maps Electronic GPS Map is another key part of GPS. If you want to arrive at your destination faster and breezily, you need to depend on the correctness of the electronic GPS map. On the current market all over the world, there are only a few of map suppliers offering built in maps for GPS. The quality of the map decides whether you could get the latest map information or not. If you unfortunately choose a bad map suppliers, you might spend a lot on map update while couldn’t get the real time maps. Generally, brand GPS supplier would like to offer one year update or around 2 times’ update for free. You will be charged on your follow up update. Usually, the update frequency happens half a year. Some suppliers also offer update for 4 times a year. Usually, one update costs about tens of dollars. 3. Choose speed The speed mentioned here includes signal reception speed, booting up speed, and responsive speed. As drivers need to pay attention to safety while driving fast, the GPS with faster speed enhances the accuracy whilst saves operation time. 4. Choose battery All GPS products use vehicle power, you might need not worry that its power will be off suddenly during your driving. However, if there is anything wrong with your DG Cable interface or you need to connect it to other electronics, the built-in lithium battery will help. The battery life, that is, how long your GPS could work after it is disconnected from recharger, is also a standard to judge the quality of Your GPS. Battery life tells you the electronics power consumption and its .prehensive functionality. You’d better choose GPS with battery capacity above 1000mAh which offer 7- 8 hours standby time. Those tips will help choose a practical Car GPS. The present GPS also incorporates personality and multimedia functions, for example, girly lightweight, thin GPS and GPS with MP3, MP4, E-book, image-browsing, etc. The coolest GPS is GPS with cameras today. All the new features are designed according to our interest and budget. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: