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First lets understand what exactly is a boil? Pimple and a burn may look alike but in reality, they are extremely different things. The boil is actually a mean form of pimple that transpires deeply in the skin and it can spread and cause more problems. It is also called an Abscess. It is that ugly thing that starts as a red and painful thing but after the passage of time if gets filled with pus and hurts even more. Sometimes it bursts and depletes on its own, but sometimes surgery is the only option. Bacteria are they key factors that make it even worse. Sometimes that one lump gets surrounded by many similar lumps which eventually join up to form a big gross lump which only surgery can cure. Boils are the worst form of bad acne. One type of boils called Cystic acne causes more damage to the skin tissues than the acne, like Acne Vulgaris itself does. How are boils caused? Various types of boils are mentioned in MedicineNet… Some of them are mentioned here: * Hidradenitis suppurativa: These Boils take place in armpits or in the groin area. The inflammation of sweat glands causes the growth of abscesses. Antibiotics cannot cure this condition. Therefore surgical removal of sweat glands is necessary to keep the skin from further inflammation. * Pilonidal cyst: These are caused in the crease of ones buttocks. They are caused due to long sitting sessions and are firm yet painful nodules. The .mon Boils producing reasons are: 1. Infection caused in the Cuts or scratches 2. Hair that did not grow. 3. Unfamiliar harmful substance that is stuck in the skin. 4. Blocked sweat glands. 5. Diseases similar to cat scratch fever. 6. Strain. 7. Perniciousness. 8. Allergies. 9. Imbalance in Thyroid. Skin Infections and Diabetic Skin Boils You do not have to be unhealthy to end up with burns and carbuncles. The following factors add a lot to the number of risks: *Weak immune system makes the skin vulnerable for bacteria to attack and create boils. People who have diabetes need to be very careful about dry skin and infections. There are two main germs that cause skin infection. One is this bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus (staph) and other is a fungus called Candida albicans. They cause boils in the skin of diabetic people. * Tight collar causes skin irritation and cuts. Contagious bacteria enter the body through the cuts. To defend the body, the white blood cells gather at the site that causes the formation of pus. * Random skin problem also make the skin defenseless against boils. Acne and pimples are most .mon among them. * Presence of hormones like Corticosteroids and prednisone increase the weakness of the immune system. Boils Treatment Trying to popping or squeezing the boils is highly discouraged as it can cause the infection to get worse. Heating pads or similar things can help in healing of the boil and ease of pain. But if the boil is still there then see a physician immediately. Oil from an Australian tee tree is a good antibacterial agent and kills germs. You can use it directly on the inflamed skin. Just put about 3 to 4 coats of the oil per day and continue the use from next two weeks. Soaked leaves from goldenseal, burdock and Echinacea produce a tea which clears up the skin infection. Make a change in your diet too. Try to add garlic in your diet. It is a good antiseptic and helps cleaning the circulatory system. Include at least a liter of water and fibers in your diet chart. Stay away from food that causes constipations and increase the skin problems. Also eat a lot of fresh and green vegetables and fresh fruits to increase fiber rate in your body. By: Borism – Leg muscles pump the veins to return blood to the heart (the skeletal-muscle pump), against the impacts of gravity. 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