How To Keep Your Pit Bulls Attention While Dog

Pets There are certain rules that you should follow every single time you work on training your Pit Bull Terrier. One of these things is making sure that you are training him in an area where there arent lots of distractions. Distractions can be an important tool used for training your Pit Bull Terrier, however it is important to get the basics down before doing so. When your dog has mastered the basic .mands that you’ve taught him and is excelling in his obedience training exercises without distractions, it is at this point that you can begin introducing outside distractions to challenge him more. Doing this is a great dog training strategy that will teach him to follow your .mands even when there are other things going on around him. Your ultimate goal is to have your Pit Bull obey your .mands regardless of location or environment. As your dog progresses in his training, youll be able to give him a .mand in the middle of a crowded area and hell obey you. This is an important thing for not only his safety, but the safety of other people and animals as well. Having a well-trained dog can eliminate many of the horror stories you hear related to owning a dog. You should also learn to prevent your dogs mistakes by learning what makes him falter. For example, if youve given the sit stay .mand to your Pit and he starts to get up, correct him immediately so he learns. Youll definitely know when he is getting ready to break the .mand by the signs he gives. He may bite or lick his paw, act uneasy and figity, etc. Whatever your dog does when his attention is beginning to stray, recognize it and work on regaining his attention. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: