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How to Play AVIs in Dreambox Dream Multimedia’s digital video broadcasting receiver, Dreambox, is a Linux-powered system designed to play satellite, terrestrial and cable digital signals on a television as well as certain video files through a linked .puter. Unfortunately .avi files do not play using the Dreambox firmware alone, even though the .avi format is one of the most .monly used digital video formats. There are two ways to access the videos through the player. Both require some effort. Instructions VLC Player 1 Install VLC Player on the linked .puter. This is a free video player available online. 2 Install VLC on the Dreambox. Like the player, this is a free download. 3 Open the "vlc.xml" file on contained in the Dreambox folder "/var/tuxbox/config." 4 Edit the .puter’s IP address and film directory into the four server and config lines. The lines to edit look like this: config name="set1" startdir="d:/Movies" cddrive="e:" /> It may also be necessary to tweak the settings of the video itself. 5 Open VLC Player on the .puter. Dreambox dm 8000 hd pvr 6 Click on "File" and select "Open Network Stream." Dreambox dm800 7 Select "UDP/RTP" and check the "Stream/Save" box to select the settings. 8 Check the "HTTP" box and enter the Dreambox’s IP address (format: Click "OK" to exit the two windows. 9 Open "Settings," then "Add Interface" and "Web Interface." Leave the player running on the .puter as the Dreambox streams the video. Mpeg Conversion 1 Download .avi to .mpeg conversion software. There are a number of free programs available for this operation. Other file formats that work include ".mp4" and ".mkv." 2 Open the conversion program. Change the ".avi" file to ".mpeg" or another .patible file. 3 Enter "File Mode" on the Dreambox and select the file 相关的主题文章: