How To Solve The Problem Of Installing Honda Navigation Dvd-minmi

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews I am frequently asked for several questions for Honda Navigation DVD from the consumers. Now today Id like to sum up some main points that occur on installation. Hope it would be helpful for solving your problem quickly. If your problems have not been settled, please contact me freely. 1. How to open the original navigation DVD? First, you should turn on the switch and insert the new key to the power cord, then you can change the fuse to the one with the same rated current of the unit, electrifies the automobile battery, change the battery of the remote control or draw out the insulation adhesive tape. 2. Why the touch screen has no response? It is because the 7 Inch Honda Civic DVD Navigation is dealing with something like the road searching, etc, so you need wait for a moment. If it can not be solved, we suggest you to contact our engineers of After-sale Service Department to help solve. 3.Why I can not hear any sound Most case, it is because that the louder speaker has not installed well or the horn wire has not been connected well, the "MUTE" button might be touched, the volume may be too low, the front/back or the left/right louder speaker may be voiceless. The solution connect the louder speaker, insert the horn wire, press the "MUTE" button or volume(+/) button, press "+" button to increase the volume, press the "OSD" button on the remote control or by using "SET" button then adjust the options in "AUDIO" to middle. 4. What can we do when the touch screen is not exact? Press the "TOUCH" button to calibrate again through the steps: FUNCTION TAPESETSYSTEMTOUCH SCREEN CALIBRATION. 5. Why the DVD disk can not be played? If your honda navigation dvd player is put in the wrong way round, scraped or too dirty. Suggest you to change the side of disk insert it with sourcing side down, change into the good disk or clean it and wipe up by soft close. Sometimes it is because you play the disk the unit can not play and you need to check whether the type of disk belongs to the ones can be played. 6. When playing DVD, why the screen dark or black and white? Bright, Contrast and Color Saturation too small would effect the brightness of screen. So you need to adjust them suitable. 7. Why the "DVD" play and "SUSPEND" buttons has no effect? The cassette mechanism can not match the software of slave .puter, and you should update the software according to the type of unit. 8. Why the Rearview Camera has no image? When install the camera, you need insert into the CCD plug of the unit then connect the rearview control line connect the DVD-V-OUT in the AV lines with CCD-IN and watch the DVD screen formal or not try to press the "CCD" button on the remote control. If the problem still can not be solved, please contact with the After-sale Service Department. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: