Hunan held the first My Hero series of new gaming network covering 14 city – state-masa-c

Hunan held the first "My Hero" gaming series covering 14 city, Beijing, Beijing, Changsha on 24 September, (Zou Yuan) Hunan first "My Hero" electronic games 24 in Hunan, Yiyang start. The competition for a hero alliance event, for the first time in the match set 165 Internet cafes in Hunan city 14 state tournament, lasted for more than 50 days. Electronic sports, is the official approval of the State Sports General Administration in 2011 Seventy-eighth official sports competition. In recent years, with the continuous standardization of the industry and the continuous attention of the mainstream media, e-sports industry has shown a trend of rapid development, becoming a new industry under the new economy. Organizers said the event aims to channel advantage game resources integration advantage of mass media, enterprise capital advantage, the official platform and industry associations, activate the close interaction between gaming and media, gaming and specialty products in Hunan, Hunan to build a brand of electric competition phenomenon. Game scene "cosplay". The photograph in the next more than and 50 days, Hunan fans can be found around the league tournament match at home, for a total value of more than 1 million yuan reward, including the total value of 300 thousand yuan reward and sub division tournament finals of the game awards. According to the schedule, the 14 Hunan city state tournament will be divided into 2 groups, each group of 7 a total of 14 division division. After the match, the final division finals will be held after the contest finals and gaming Carnival in Changsha in mid November, and invited well-known national heroes union occupation corps, for a friendly match with the tournament championship. Outstanding players during the tournament emerged, also have to China top occupation Corps tryout. Yiyang Municipal Committee, publicity minister Hu Lian said, bringing the competition into universal gaming Carnival and the country has a large influence on the brand competition. (end)相关的主题文章: