Hundred percent sure boy, broke the Sohu. –

Hundred percent sure boy, broke in with nubao. – Sohu maternal age, no experience, no ovulation test is what, anyway, pregnant pregnant, think the pregnancy is a normal thing, not the kind of happiness, this year to prepare pregnant second child, take a lot of detours, people love to learn after the pillow, drinking black Soybean Milk, eat folic acid, the results are not suitable for me, all is in vain and foolish things, also worry not pregnant, why, never, no BDLS, formerly an ovulation period, pants wet, wipe paper is wo urine slippery, the paper clearly see the drawing, I think it is terrible, it will not dry drawing pregnant, pregnant with the results! Some people say that with male shit, nubao urine, I think, if there is no scientific basis for this, unless you want to nest more, eat more, eat not eat what go in, what do you want to nest, I am much, is said to have male and male ah, the navel to. And girl, ask some of the navel was collected at the bottom of deep, can not see, how it is convex out, some navel is too shallow, clear the navel is a little nest, this may come out, my navel is not convex! Because the income is deep! Is the boy! Daughter: when hi hi, no sense of son: three days before the test to the aunt, the boy body early quasi daughter: more than and 30 days 40 days have reaction, nausea, wow wow days, smell the smoke son: pregnant to now more than five months, no response to eat meat, early likes to eat salty, acid is not very love nor hate, love sweet late! Daughter: pregnant more than four months on the show to be pregnant! Stomach big, lie prone. Son: for more than five months have not been seen pregnant, with small, tight waist, belly tip, no meat, go long! Lying on top of the navel is flat, a small hill below the belly. Daughter: pregnant belly, big boom. Four kings, walking light. Son: Well, a circle to correct the! There are no pregnant waist, back! Daughter: age, remember. Son: there is a straight line to the chest, straight up and down! Did not say what the appearance of long hair. But really like dirt armpit clean wash as my niece with her son [is], nipple areola black! I have no son pregnant pregnant female long ugly, no spots, no fat, no acne, but the child said that my skin looks yellow. There are said to be pregnant with the son of the general mother are thin, this I should be, has not been long before the weight, five months when the seizure of the production of only five pounds, said the two and a half months, there are 108 pounds of the! And share the experience, for a moment to think of these, I wish you all have to have children, to get a woman! May all your wishes come true。 This article from the " crazy man APP user – text her mother " experience sharing. More pregnancy preparation methods, the knowledge of pregnancy welcome to download crazy man APP相关的主题文章: