If I were Luo Dayou one week countdown to the stars to sing the songs of Luo Dayou-tsumori chisato

"If I were Luo Dayou" one week countdown to the stars to sing Luo Dayou songs posters from the October 7th Beijing Workers Stadium, "if I was a Luo Dayou concert in Beijing concert, currently left a week. This time, Luo Dayou will bring forty years of the first personal concert landing in Beijing, Zhang Yu, Hebe Tian, Julia Peng, power train, Ling Huang, Li Quan (A-Lin), six heavyweight guests will come to the train, powered by thermal concert, Luo Dayou finale debut together sing the new classical repertoire, with new music scene open the form of "if I was a Luo Dayou concert in Beijing’s premiere ceremony, tells us the story time and the life in Luo Dayou’s works. The first solo concert in forty years, this time to listen to Luo Dayou share his music journey. In October 7th, Luo Dayou will return to the Beijing Workers Stadium with a forty year old story back to "if I were a Luo Dayou" concert. That night, seven representatives of the history of pop music’s blockbuster guests will gather in the field, the common interpretation of re formatted Luo Dayou classics. "Godfather" Luo Dayou, "the Queen" Hebe Tian and Zhang Yu "," love song "charm day group" power train, "Prince of the piano", "Li Quan melody song" Julia Peng, "born singer Ling Huang A-Lin, this seemingly" unbelievable "concert guests will fit on combination. This new form of open up a fresh outlook music scene, plus Luo Dayou numerous popular songs, I believe will lead to incalculable chain reaction. It seems from the day before the exposure of the entire concert repertoire, almost every song can chorus. In addition to the teacher Daisuke singing "tomorrow will be better", the song and Hebe Tian will vocals of the "childhood", Zhang Yu’s "Lukang town", the power train "dream", Julia Peng’s "sea of flowers", A-Lin Ling Huang’s "Li Quan", "if love" and other classic works of teacher Daisuke these songs, will a few concert guests carefully adapted by each guest in a unique way of interpretation, just to present a time to reproduce the stage, take you back to you in a day, so also go to the field fans prepared paper towels, because every song you may have let tears.相关的主题文章: