In 58 city sent false information Tanggu black intermediary fraud of more than 5 yuan-lightscape

In the city of 58 false Tanggu black intermediary fraud more than 5 yuan of corporate reports received, Binhai police investigation after several months, successfully destroyed with the release of recruitment information using 58 city, job seekers money black intermediary gangs, involving 6 suspects were all arrested. This year, the Binhai New Area Public Security Bureau visited the headquarters of 58 city in Tianjin, the company reflects the use of the city of issued a false recruitment information, causing a lot of Internet users deceived. After preliminary investigation, found that an intermediary company is located in Tanggu of foreign goods market near the crime suspects. The police task force on the alarm information and clues to conduct a comprehensive sort, one by one investigation and the victim found that since March this year, the agency issued several porters, security personnel recruitment information in 58 city sites, with "clothing" and "intermediary fee, examination fee in the name cheat more than job seekers in cash, the amount of 100 to 500 yuan, involving a total of more than 5 yuan. To further clarify the internal agency, police disguised as job seekers to the intermediary company to a secret investigation, Liu served as general manager of the 6 fraud gangs surfaced. In October 29th 6, more than 20 plainclothes police quietly into the intermediary company, will be surrounded by. 13 am, after nearly 7 hours squatting blocking, Liu headed by the 6 members have returned to the company. Seize the opportunity to catch the police immediately, the 6 members were arrested. After investigation, the suspect Liu and other 6 people on the use of black intermediary fraud confessed.相关的主题文章: