In July and she they have been looking for each other

"In July and she": they have been looking for each other the Sina entertainment column boiled alone Jiangnan I met you, so I love you; I love you, so I accompany you; I accompany you, so I envy you; I envy you, so I care about you; I care about you, so I love you I love you; so, I leave you; I leave you, so I miss you; I miss you, so I hate you; I hate you, so I love you! ————————————————————– "in July and she": they have been looking for each other many years ago, I walked into a bookstore, see a book on the bookshelf, I picked up a look, cover background is a vague blue, then a woman lying on the table, revealing his face, looked blurred. The cover is also written so few words: I think some things can be forgotten, can remember some things, some things can be most willing to, some things have been incapable of action. I love you, this is my fate. When I saw these words, I was surprised, and immediately bought the book. This book is called "August Weiyang", is the second book of Anne baby. Do not know because the youth is too lonely or the end of the century is too popular decadence. In that time, her book is very red, affecting many post-80s writers. But "in July and she" from her first book "goodbye Vivian". I did not buy this book, but also read the novel on the Internet, vaguely remember that the friendship and growth of two girls. Because we need to see the film adaptation of the novel today, then read the novel last night and pulls out. I found that I did not understand. In July alone, a docile clever, a dissolute unruly. In fact, they are not two people, but a person’s two sides. Their double life, represents a person’s reality and fantasy. They are intertwined, but with branches of youth, is a person’s growth history. After all, when young, we envy she is free, but also to the secular stability of July. They really love each other, but not the same kind of love, but encountered another soul resonance. As for the home, he is just a prop, used to assist the performance of girls’ growth and love. After watching the whole movie today, I think Anne baby is lucky, she met a reliable production team. On the basis of the original film on the basis of a lot of details of the adjustment, as well as the story after the big changes. But these changes are only the end points of suspense, I feel better off. The second half of the original say, July and home in hometown married and pregnant with the child is still home to canada. Later he wrote in July, told her she was pregnant. Let alone back to his side to July, she would take care of her. She died back after childbirth)相关的主题文章: