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"In July and still" new poster Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun Frank – Sohu entertainment "in July and she" Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun Li Chengbin "Frank" Dongyu Zhou as the "quiet" rebellious unruly, Ma Sichun’s "July" well behaved stability [map] Click to enter the HD group Sohu entertainment news by Peter Chan, producer Xu Yuezhen, directed by Derek Tsang Dongyu Zhou. Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin starred in the movie "in July and she" will be held on September 14th at the national release. Recently, the film side released "love" version of the movie poster, continue the magic eye. Posters, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin three starring "topless" appearance, linked to the trailer, "she" (Dongyu Zhou) and "July" (Ma Sichun ornaments) spicy ridicule each other’s bust size of the picture — Frank VS movie "bold will surge high and sweep forward, to interpret the theme of love" so most incisive. How bold Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun Li Chengbin youth "Frank" the release of "love" poster, "she", "July" Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun and the hero of "Ming" Li Chengbin appeared in a bathtub in the scene, while significantly close to the mind, copy – Poster collocation "if there is a heart, you can be naked relative; whether a person, you can more candor, suggesting a subtle relationship between three people. Previously, the film producer Peter Chan said, "although in July and still" about "peace" and "July" two girls from the age of 13 growth story, but in his opinion, this is not a youth film, film, but a relationship, whether love is friendship, all the relationship is very complex." He will serve as "July and still" producer, is one of the major reasons on the story of two women and a man’s relationship — an equilateral triangle "more than girls will resonate, boys will also resonate." Laugh at each other since the black Dongyu Zhou bust naked to the world "movie" in July and still "adaptation of Chinese youth literature writer of Qing Shan (originator of baby Anne’s novel of the same name). This is Anne’s famous novel, and her first landing on the big screen. In the film, Dongyu Zhou plays the "quiet" rebellious unruly, Ma Sichun’s "July" well behaved stability, two different personalities of the youth on the road ahead in the huddle. Two female protagonists in the past to break through the role of the impression, crying play thoroughly, love drama bright, said to go away, the sister of the common growth of the interpretation of the deep and pure interpretation of the two different bold youth. Two actress play yiyanbuge staged "cardigan than the chest of the drama off screen is open, hanging, whether the scene, or a few conference, the sisters of the topic of spicy scale amazing, no restrictions of any kind, even to ridicule each other — Ma Sichun’s" face bra, surge high and sweep forward Dongyu Zhou "Black said:" why not chest flat world, this is the expansive life." The movie "in July and she" will be on September 14, 2016 autumn files released in the country.相关的主题文章: