In order to her daughter in the air with the old man JianPoLan living wild — H-4000dy

In order to her daughter in the air with   the old man JianPoLan living wild — Hainan channel — to her daughter in the family’s home is not by the old man JianPoLan eat leftovers live wild recently, a few days as the weather is getting cold, the old man had to find some broken wood to build a personal word shack. Three meals a day for the elderly is simple: boil a pot of boiled water in the morning, boiled water on the steamed bun, as breakfast. Pick up the waste at noon, where to go, which is hungry, pick up some of the leftovers of the remaining meals to hunger. Because the old man did not communicate with the people around him, people didn’t know much about him, but showed sympathy for his present situation. The old man lived in the wild shack is very simple the morning of October 12th, Zheng reported financial media reporters came to Zheng road to be water bridge near the old residence. In a barren leaves, there is a space being cleaned up. On the ground to build a personal word shack. Some old rags with shack. Shack stood a large wooden bed. There is a quilt and some clothes on the board. The shack and a wooden stool with three legs. Underneath the bench sat a little yellow dog. At the edge of the board to tighten a wall with a blackened kettle, the kettle is next to a water filled with plastic pot and some firewood to boil water. (commissioning editor Feng Xing and Jiang Chengliu) 为了女儿在婆家不受气 老人捡破烂还住野地–人民网海南频道–人民网   为了女儿在婆家不受气 老人捡破烂吃剩饭住野地   最近,几天随着天气的渐渐变冷,老人只好找来一些破木板搭建了一个人字窝棚。   老人的一日三餐很简单:早上烧上一壶开水,开水就馒头,算作早餐。中午外出捡废品,走到哪,算哪!饿了,捡一些人家吃剩的残饭充饥。   由于老人不和周围的人交流,大家对他的情况不甚了解,但对其现在的状况都表示同情。   老人住的野外窝棚很简陋   10月12日上午,郑报融媒记者来到了郑上路须水河桥附近的老人居住地。   在一片荒草丛中,有一片被人收拾后的空地。空地上搭建了一个人字窝棚。窝棚上盖着一些废旧的破布。窝棚内放着一块床大的木板。   木板上放着一条被子和一些衣服。窝棚里还有一把三条腿的木凳子。凳子下面卧着一只半大的小黄狗。在木板的边上紧挨一堵矮墙有一个被熏黑的水壶,水壶的旁边是一个装水用的塑料壶和一些用来烧水的木柴。 (责编:冯星、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: