In the 9 place, the beauty of autumn – into the Tokyo tourism

In the 9 place, the beauty of autumn – into the Tokyo tourism Sohu every autumn, Tokyo citizens will move to the nearby Kamakura, daylight and Hakone traditional maple leaf ornamental, enjoy the beautiful autumn. However, there are many gardens, parks and museums in the city that can give you a taste of the fall of Tokyo. The following is located in Tokyo city or suburb, have a distinctive flavour of the autumn landscape, never out of the city can also have a colorful autumn. Takao San maple leaf festival in autumn, Takao San maple leaf becomes red and gold, a variety of rich and colorful activities in this stage. If time permits, may wish to visit here, smell the flowers. Remember to look ahead to see the selected favorite activities oh! Photo by jpellgen via Flickr time: November 3rd to November 30th address: Tokyo eight Prince City address: Showa Memorial Park Autumn Festival started from the end of October, in the Showa Memorial Park ginkgo Lu continued to turn yellow, until mid November, all the maple leaves turn red, visitors can stroll in the rich colors. Photo by reggiepen via Flickr time: November 5th to December 7th address: Tokyo city green Tachikawa CHO 3173 website: http: Meiji Shrine outer Garden Festival ginkgo ginkgo leaves turn yellow, but also to the Meiji Shrine outside yuan selling all over Japan made ginkgo Festival special scenery. Enjoy the scenery of ginkgo, don’t forget to taste the local food! Photo by uichi.sakuraba via Flickr time: November 18th to December 5th address: Tokyo Shinjuku Xia Qiu Ting 1 election website: Mejiro autumn garden lights in the autumn night, little and dainty Japanese gardens Mejiro courtyard, is silhouetted against the nearby landscape lighting art students design colorful. There are a variety of musical performances over the weekend, November 27th and December 2nd will be held in the open-air tea ceremony (1000 yen per person). Photo by Odigo Travel via Flickr time: November 25th to December 4th address: Tokyo Toshima Mejiro 3-20-18 website:? Kyoto Museum opening night on the Japanese Garden beauty as you have seen, there is no thought at night to watch the garden? Don’t miss the Meguro Tokyo Garden Museum open at night in November last weekend held. During the event, the opening time will be extended to 8 o’clock in the evening, in 1933 the construction of the magnificent building and adjacent to the Japanese garden, showing a dreamy colors in the brightly lit, let you as if in the beginning of last century, the old romantic相关的主题文章: