Independent Womens Voice Addresses Continuing Resolution Of New Health Care Law-pullip

UnCategorized The House’s consideration of HR 3082 has lead the organization, Independent Women’s Voice, to call upon the Senate to stop, listen to the outcry from the American public, and vote down the resolution. Following the November 2010 elections, the American people made their opinions of the new healthcare law quite clear, and they want the legislation stopped. Even though the public sentiment was heard loud and clear in Washington, lawmakers continue to move forward with supplying billion of dollars of funding for the new reform. Independent Women’s Voice has taken on the mission of requesting the Senate to remove this funding from the final bill, before moving forward with the passage. Because of the large negative response to the new law, the people at Independent Women’s Voice have developed the Obamacare Repeal Pledge. This pledge helps to shed light on exactly which lawmakers have remained firm in their .mitment to stop the new laws, and which candidates have not stood behind their campaign promises. The pledge also shows who in Washington vows to remove funding from the program, as well as who is opposed to specific parts of Obamacare. To date, twenty nine House Incumbents who have signed the Repeal Pledge have remained true to their pledge and voted against the measure. These lawmakers have proven they are .mitted to making a better America for the people, and deserve positive recognition for their stance. With this new program heading to the Senate, it is once again time to call upon those lawmakers who support a repeal of Obamacare to join forces and work with other opponents to stop the package in its tracks. If this cannot be done, lawmakers should still make serious changes to the reform prior to passing it into law. The voice of the American people should not be stifled. It is crucial that lawmakers act swiftly to do what is right for the country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: