Industry driverless car production business is still

Industry: driverless car production business remains difficult as one of the direction of the development of the automotive industry, China’s mainstream automotive and Internet companies have begun to join the manufacturing of unmanned vehicles. But the industry believes that the production of unmanned aerial vehicles still exist difficulties, it is recommended to advance the layout of the relevant enterprises, build a platform for in-depth cooperation, work together to seize the development opportunities of this industry. Open the phone just a simple operation, you can let the driverless car parked on the parking spaces, the operation can also make the car stopped before the eyes…… FAW Group’s Red Flag brand some time ago to demonstrate to the public that the phone called the car, the parallel operation between the two cars and other unmanned driving action. According to technical director of the center for automotive electronics engineer Liu Qiuzheng introduction, the red flag H7 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Zhi map car with a mobile phone called the car, automatic parking, car formation and automatic driving function, will hit the market in 2018. In addition to FAW, Changan automobile side said that the current Changan car has mastered dozens of intelligent technology, plans to achieve completely unmanned by 2025. In April this year, Changan car driverless cars after nearly 2000 kilometers of long-distance real road travel arrived in Beijing, withstood the mountains, hills and plains and other complex road test. In December 10th last year, Baidu driverless cars in Beijing for the full automatic driving test, multiple car speed, change lanes, overtaking, xiazadao, U-turn and other complex driving action, complete the switch into high speed to exit the highway of different road scenes. "We have set up the automatic driving vehicle is one of the strategic direction of the company, set up a special committee decision of automatic driving and independent division, and actively with domestic and foreign well-known vehicle manufacturers, parts manufacturers and the travel service platform for in-depth cooperation, research and development to the usefulness of products automatic driving vehicle." Huang Linli, director of Baidu Development Research Center, said, we have done to prepare for the commercialization of driverless cars." In addition, LETV, Tencent, Alibaba and other Internet companies have also launched their own plans to build. It is understood that in automatic driving technology, the major enterprises development path of overall convergence, are in the beginning of lane keeping, automatic parking, blind spot detection and other security system, gradually increase the initiative to avoid obstacles, independent steering becomes intelligent technology etc, and ultimately the development of unmanned. The most obvious advantage of driverless cars is convenient and safe." Huang Linli said the unmanned vehicle can reduce the loss caused by traffic accidents, free people from driving, navigation and other repetitive work, enhance vehicle capacity, optimize the vehicle and road configuration, and can realize the new model of car rental. At the same time, the current automobile society pollution, energy consumption, safety, congestion four big problems, may also be due to technical updates to ease. Driverless car traffic intersection efficiency is two times the number of people driving cars, to help alleviate congestion and slow driving greenhouse gas emissions." Chinese Academy of engineering, China’s first automobile group deputy chief engineer Li Jun said. However, although the study of driverless cars in China started earlier and has been very popular, but the industry.相关的主题文章: