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Dental-Care The smile has a significant effect on a persons overall appearance. An unattractive smile can instantly make someone look much older than his or her real age, and can lead to an unhealthy appearance. The condition of the teeth has a great impact on how attractive or unhealthy the smile will look like. If several or all teeth are missing, the function and aesthetics of the smile will be affected in the most obvious and negative manner. Dental implants replace both the form and function of missing teeth. The artificial tooth roots are embedded into the jawbone to provide a secure connection between the jaw and the teeth restorations (such as a dental crown, a dental bridge, or fixed dentures). As the implants are securely attached to the jawbone, there will be no problems regarding replaced teeth that loosen and move around uncontrollably inside the mouth a problem .monly experienced by those who use removable dentures for a long period of time. The use of dental implants can dramatically improve the appearance of a person who has previously suffered from tooth loss. The once in.plete smile will be made .plete and healthy looking once more with the presence of teeth replacements (attached to jawbone via the implants). An implant treatment can be used for cases of single tooth loss, and even in the cases when all teeth have gone missing, due to a variety of reasons. As the spaces caused by tooth loss are effectively filled out by the teeth restorations, the smile and the entire appearance is significantly improved. Another important role of dental implants is the replacement of lost tooth roots. Natural tooth roots stimulate the jawbone; without the stimulation from the tooth roots after tooth loss, the jawbone will eventually deteriorate. As the jawbone deteriorates, its structure thinner and causes the face to take on an unnaturally hollow appearance. The implants serve as tooth root replacements and continue to provide the stimulation to the jawbone, so that it maintains its healthy structure. Replacing missing teeth with implants will solve the problem of missing tooth roots to prevent the onset or further development of jawbone deterioration. An implant treatment can be considered as an instant facelift, as the results have significant impact on the aesthetics of the smile. The smile instantly looks younger and healthier with the help of implants, which also work on stimulating the jawbone to prevent the problems associated with jawbone thinning or deterioration. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: