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UnCategorized Two of the most sought after jewels of all time would have to be the diamond and the pearl. Miners mine for diamonds, divers dive for pearls, and thieves have long loved to steal them both. Their values can range from minor to astronomical. Their quality can range from not so good to exquisite. They both have been made into jewelry pieces that have be.e renowned for their classic timeless style. A solitaire diamond on a tiny gold chain and the ever elegant strand of pearls has be.e a necessary staple in any woman’s jewelry box. Unless you happen to have a lot of money, in times past smaller diamonds and pearls have been more .mon for most of us to wear because they were more affordable. Cubic zirconias and Moissanite diamonds have be.e very popular in recent years. The quality of synthetic diamonds have so improved that in some cases even expert jewelers have had problems telling the difference. Now it is possible to wear a great looking larger diamond if you do not mind the fact that it is in reality only an imitation one. The pearl has recently made a triumphant resurgence due to the cultured pearl. They are cultivated in an assembly line type process in large water beds. The small seed is implanted in the mussels shell and it begins to spin its milky web. As with the natural process, this results in a pearl. The procedure is manipulated by man, but the end product is just as appealing as the real thing, and as with the cubic zirconia diamond, they can be now be bought in a wide variety if sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether the diamond or pearl is the real thing or not, when you .bine the two together in a piece of jewelry you are assured to obtain a show stopping result. For many years people have .bined the two, possibly because of the allure each of them presents individually, so having them together in one piece of jewelry could only be even better. For some reason they .pliment each other in a way that no other .bination of jewels do. Being able to wear great looking imitation diamond and pearl pieces of jewelry is a good thing for those of us who have a problem affording the real items. But for those of us who can afford the real ones, nothing gives as much satisfaction as knowing they are real. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: