International Conference on the opening of the silk road will be built in Zhangye, 12 general airpor-yuria

The Silk Road International Shipping Conference will be built in Zhangye 12 general airport – Beijing Beijing in August 29 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Ding Si) the first Silk Road (Zhangye) International General Aviation Convention 28 sunset under the curtain, during the meeting signed a total of 9 strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, the Silk Road (Zhangye) International General Aviation Convention will be held once a year, the Zhangye Danxia general airport will become the permanent site of the general assembly. 28, the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly held a press conference in Zhangye. The start of the conference, delegates to the general assembly during the flight show the victims of the South African pilot Michel? Leusch silence, and expressed condolences to his family and team performance. The press conference, said Zhangye general aviation industry development in the future, the official introduction of Zhangye City, the city plans to build 3 a general airport in Ganzhou, Linze, Shandan, Minle, Sunan springs, Gaotai, energy-saving build 4 two general hospitals, airports, Yanzhi mountain Forest Park, Zhangye Geological Park in Danxia, Gaotai the Great Lakes Bay area, folk biandukou scenic area to build 5 three general airport, on line, covering key areas, important scenic spots within the airport navigation system to meet the needs of passenger and cargo transportation, environmental protection, land resources, education, medical treatment, emergency rescue and disaster relief etc.. On the same day, Zhangye City Vice Mayor Wang Fangtai also introduced the conference, to take market-oriented operation mode, invited 36 aircraft 8 aircraft, 2 foreign aerobatic team of the 6 domestic exhibitors of the dynamic display of 32 aircraft, 11 domestic exhibitors and 28 sets of professional equipment for static display at the same time simulation machine, wind tunnel flight experience activities. At the same time, the conference was also held during the navigation industry forum, invited 66 domestic shipping industry experts will exchange, emergency rescue and low altitude air travel, short distance passenger and freight transport, airport planning, construction and operation of navigation, manufacturing and shipping industry garden area construction and other academic issues, to carry out in-depth discussion, provided new ideas for the development of the shipping industry in Gansu. Wang Fangtai said that the conference fruitful, Zhangye Municipal People’s government and the Gansu provincial public air travel group agreed to Zhangye Danxia General Aviation Industrial Park Development and shipping operations and other areas; and Xi’an distance Aviation Technology Development Corporation general aviation equipment and UAV research and development production and assembly base construction to reach a consensus agreement; with the Chinese aluminum aluminum processing plant on the northwest aviation industry equipment manufacturing and food packaging production etc.; agreed with the air sports school in Gansu Province on the construction of aviation and aerospace education base camp; agreed with the General Aviation Corporation on the Gansu Shenlong multipurpose aircraft and aircraft supporting professional aviation equipment research and development, a total of 9 copies signed strategic cooperation protocol. Wang Fangtai said that the first Navigation Conference held in Zhangye and Gansu province is an important milestone in the development of the navigation industry, the city’s general aviation industry has laid a solid foundation for the development of the first. In the future, the city will be based in Zhangye, Danxia general airport, in accordance with the idea of creating the whole industry chain, accelerate the collection of aviation Cultural District, air logistics park, aviation equipment manufacturing and maintenance相关的主题文章: