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Inventory shortage become the property of "hurry up to"   how always lack of inventory of new homes — real estate — original title: inventory of new homes is always lack of just two or three years ago, just to be the main era, Tongzhou, Daxing, Fangshan focus on real estate, the new project is a city not only to get together. More choices purchase, competition between each other also let the market price is stable for a long period of time. But now, Beijing property market has not been facing the be in full swing, but the selling dilemma. The number of new sites not only launched a substantial reduction of each new disc launched housing is cliff down to hundreds of sets. Even in some hot spots, each project is also very understanding to stagger the opening time, which leads to every new projects into the market is almost no competition, easily realized selling even the sunlight. One of the most common words we hear about such a change is "not enough inventory". But in fact, from 2013 to 2015, Beijing’s land sales revenue reached 180 billion yuan, respectively, $190 billion and $200 billion, a record for the past three years, why would it lead to a shortage of supply in 2016? With this question, the Beijing property market inventory the "thousand times" survey. Inventory shortage has become a market "push up to" Ms. Chen a few months ago after Vanke in Tongzhou Lake City of light? Jade throughout the project, initially inquired from the consultant where news is the flagship project of 128 square meters of floor and Diepin villa, referring to surrounding the sale price possible the price is probably around 5 million to 6 million. In subsequent years, the Beijing property market as a whole there is a clear warming, every item in the price, Ms. Chen is also the default emerald seasons will follow the market may increase the price. Until recently, the eyes of the project opening soon, the price is expected to give a home consultant is expected to open, still let Ms. Chen was shocked: flat 7 million, stacked fight up to 8 million." "The price is more expensive than I expected." Ms. Chen told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, but even so, she still won’t give up, the reason is very simple, in addition to good projects of their own conditions, property consultant also advised her, Beijing is new inventory nervous was less, Miss wants to buy the price will be higher. Not only is the purchase of Tongzhou, almost all regions of Beijing, are in the lack of inventory that. Someone joked that the country is to grab a few suites, only the north, on the broad, deep is few people grab a suite. On the opening weekend of the electric power construction? The Hua Chen and several people grab a suite of projects. From 6 in the morning, there are more than 300 groups of people gathered in the vicinity of Mentougou metro. On the day of the new project launched a total of 156 sets of fine decoration floor products, will soon be sold out. According to the developers revealed that all the houses will be sold out in 40 minutes, an average of 1 minutes will be able to sell 4 sets. Even as Mentougou metro, does not lack in the sale of new projects, not because of the purchase of a rare commodity. But in fact, in addition to commercial and public相关的主题文章: