Japan Tokyo shanbara art space held East Buddhist relics exhibition k9084

Japan Tokyo art space SHANBARA Buddhist relics exhibition held East [original title] Tokyo art space SHANBARA held East Buddhist relics exhibition October 3rd, SHANBARA art space created by the Japan Overseas Chinese Xiao Jinde in Tokyo cultural street in Genqian Valley, is being held in Dongdu Buddhist relics exhibition. The exhibition of Buddhist art is the first appearance at home and abroad. The exhibition is mainly Buddhist relics unearthed from the Northern Qi Sui and Tang Dynasties Chinese Buddha and Khitan gilded Silver Pagoda in tenth Century. 10 pieces of exquisite statues and pagodas is an imaginary Japanese chestnut collection. The Japanese chestnut temple for a long time Chinese virtual collection of art and Buddhist art known Chinese obaku, a cultural and artistic exchanges and cooperation in the long-term and many China the temple. The display of an imaginary Japanese chestnut boutique on display for the first time. An official Japanese virtual Li Gao Tian Xiang Ping said that the art space is located in SHANBARA. culture through the streets, art space SHANBARA shows Japan Buddhist art can deepen people’s understanding of the cultural exchanges between China and Japan in the history, connotation and deeper understanding of the Buddhist art. Art space SHANBARA founder goldtex said, have a great impact on Japanese Buddhist art Dongdu Japan’s economy and culture. Japan in the heritage and promote Buddhism also contributed to the Japanese tea ceremony, flower are influenced by the Buddhist culture, can be said to do not understand do not understand Japanese buddhism. The date of the exhibition will end in late October. The exhibition time is Monday to Friday 12:30-17:30. Display address for Japan Tokyo Bunkyo nezu 2 chome 11-3 Okudaira 1 floor.相关的主题文章: