Japanese people don’t like it IPhone shipments fell 10%-k9084

Japanese people don’t like it? IPhone shipments fell 10% according to "Japan Times" website reported that the market research company MM  Research  Institute recently said that Apple’s iPhone last year in the Japanese market shipments fell 10.6%, to 14 million 730 thousand, since 2008 to enter the market for the first time recorded a decline. IPhone Japan shipped down (pictures from cnBeta) MM  Research  Institute said that this decline is due to the last fall of the listed iPhone  6S and iPhone  6s  Plus sales slump. Although apple still occupies the dominant position in the Japanese mobile phone market, but its market share has dropped from 43.1% in 2014 to 41.2%. SONY ranked second in the market, with a share of 13.9%, accounting for 11.9% of the share of SHARP ranked third. MM  Research  Institute said that shipments and market share of iPhone are expected to decline further as the Japanese communications sector requires mobile operators to review their aggressive purchase subsidy policies. Prior to this, users will receive substantial subsidies when they use smart phones for other carriers, and iPhone will benefit greatly. As apple iPhone sales fell in the state, Android smartphone sales in Japan last year, an increase of 15%, reaching 12 million 850 thousand. In addition,   MM  Research  Institute also said in a report last year, total shipments of smart mobile phone about 27 million 600 thousand, down 0.4%; feature phone shipments fell 22.6%, to 8 million 190 thousand, since the survey started in 2000 for the first time to reach 10 million. 日本人也不喜欢了? iPhone出货同比下降10%   据《日本时报》网站报道,市场调研公司MM Research Institute近日表示,苹果iPhone去年在日本市场的出货量同比下降10.6%,至1473万部,自2008年进入该市场以来首次录得下滑。 iPhone日本出货下降(图片来自cnbeta)   MM Research Institute 表示,这一下滑是因为去年秋季上市的iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus销量低迷。虽然苹果在日本手机市场仍占据统治地位,但其市场份额已 经从2014年的43.1%下降至41.2%。索尼在该市场位居第二,份额达13.9%,占11.9%份额的夏普位居第三。   MM Research Institute称,由于日本通信部门要求移动运营商对其激进的购机补贴政策进行检讨,iPhone的出货量和市场份额预计将会进一步下降。此前,用户在换用其它运营商的智能手机时可获得大幅的补贴,iPhone因而受益不浅。   正当苹果iPhone销量陷入下滑状态,Android智能手机去年的日本销量则同比增长15%,达到1285万部。   另外, MM Research Institute在报告中还称,去年智能手机的总出货量约为2760万部,同比下降0.4%;功能手机的出货量同比下跌22.6%,为819万部,自2000年开始调查以来首次达不到1000万部。相关的主题文章: