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I confess I became a Keyword Elite customer by accident. You see, I really wanted to get in on the initial intake of Google Cash Detective customers. Unfortunately I was busy at the time of its launch, and by the time I visited the order page I was informed that Google Cash Detective had sold out. I was furious. I had waited weeks for the launch, counting down every day. But what was truly terrifying was my knowledge that the new Google Cash Detective customers would soon be monitoring and stealing my profitable AdWords campaigns. It was time for emergency measures. I decided to check whether there were any other software applications with similar capabilities. And I found several references to Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite software. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Keyword Elite might do almost everything I had been expecting from Google Cash Detective. And Keyword Elite has a price tag of just $176 so I was pleasantly surprised. Just a day earlier I had been ready to pay $497 for GC Detective. I wanted to check whether this software lived up to its claims before purchasing it. I noticed that Brad Callen has a series of videos available on his sales page. You can basically "look over his shoulder" as he uses every single part of the software. I watched them all and that settled my final reservations. I was convinced, so I grabbed my credit card and purchased my own copy of Keyword Elite. The software was downloadable immediately and I had it installed on my computer within a few minutes. Learning to use it was a breeze, especially after watching the videos. Now let’s look at what I discovered. Keyword Elite is basically organized into five parts or ‘projects’. Here is what each project will do. Project One: Creating Huge Keyword Lists Can you really generate keyword lists of more than 10,000 keywords in just minutes? I typed in dog training and within a few minutes I had a list of 2,000 words. Far less than 10,000 but my internet speed is quite slow and Keyword Elite was still working away. I decided to leave it running in the background while I did some other work. When I came back to look it was up to 19,776 words and still climbing. That was good enough for me. I don’t care about the three minutes I just wanted to be sure it could generate huge lists much more quickly than the days it would take me to do it manually. I was pleased to discover that Keyword Elite had intelligently added words such as dog behavior issues’ which were related but didn’t contain all of my original words. Now what do I do with twenty thousand words? For a start I can filter out phrases containing certain words. And I can add on any word before or after every phrase. I can also add brackets in case I want to use the keywords in Google AdWords. And I can send all my selected keywords to Project Two. Project Two: Analyzing Your Pay Per Click Competition This project is for people using pay per click advertising to drive traffic to their web sites. For any keyword you can see the number of monthly searches and web page results, you can see both the R/S and the KEI – which I particularly like and you can see an estimate of the required bids to obtain positions 1 to 3 at Google AdWords. You can also see at a glance how many ads are running at Google and Yahoo. Clicking on any keyword reveals a list of the URLs being advertised right now. Project Three: Automatically Creating Web Pages Designed for AdSense This project is for webmasters who create web pages for AdSense. At the push of a button the software quickly goes out and fetches articles that match your selected keywords, and then automatically makes a web page according to your preferred page template. Your AdSense code is already inserted in the page code. Whatever timing issues I had with Project 1, this project easily makes up for. Earlier today I created 20 web pages based on some carefully selected high-paying keywords in four minutes. That was only 12 seconds for each page! I was a little disappointed that not all of the articles were as well-written as I’d like but I’ll go through them and probably throw a few away, keeping only the ones I like. Project Four. Analyzing the Top Ranked Web Sites in Your Niche I’ve been using page ranking tools for years, and this is the first time I’ve found one with all the information I want in one simple report. I simply type in a keyword phrase and a URL, Keyword Elite can fetch the top ranking web URLs for that keyword phrase. The report then shows me the Page Rank, the number of words on the page, the number of times the keyword is repeated, and the keyword. I can also see how often the keyword appears in the title, links, alt text, meta tags, bold text, and H1 heading tags. At a glance I know what my higher-ranking competitors are doing better than me. Project Five. Spying on Your Competitors’ Profitable Ads. I already saw who else was advertising on my selected keywords in Project Two. Now I can keep track of their campaigns. I set up a project here using their URL and the keyword. Keyword Elite runs and checks their ads every day so I soon learn how frequently and how long they’ve been advertising, and which position they’re in. I can now make a fair judgment whether their advertising campaign was profitable and take appropriate steps. For example I could copy their campaign, run something similar, or look for ways to do even better than they are, for example by writing better advertising copy or a better landing page. At least I can get my revenge on those Google Cash Detective customers now! In conclusion, I have to say that I am truly impressed with Keyword Elite. It does so much more than most other keyword tools and costs considerably less. It has certainly been good value for money for me. I have saved several weeks’ worth of time already! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: