Landing within one hundred thousand SUV for these young fashion you car –

Landing within one hundred thousand SUV for these young fashion you want – Sohu are trying to cool SUV, young people become a choice, then the budget is not too high, less than 100 thousand landing all inclusive, how to choose? These models can definitely satisfy you. Beiqi magic speed S2 guidance price: 5.88-6.98 yuan magic speed S2 configuration in the overall level of mainstream level, but the security configuration is low, especially the high allocation of vehicles are not ESP vehicle stability control system, slightly less. Magic speed S2 and speed S3 from the same platform, but regardless of body size or vehicle positioning, magic speed S2 and S3 there are still some differences, from the current point of view, S2 positioning more compact in fashion young users, and the 7 seat S3 is the target population on the home user body. Two car complementary differentiated marketing, S3 layout compact SUV, S2 is the impact of small SUV field, the top price is less than $70 thousand. FAW Chun sent D60 guidance price: 6.49-9.99 yuan Chun sent D60’s exterior and interior design unique, with a very high degree of recognition. But 1.8L models also have a minimum of nearly 90 thousand yuan, the overall cost is not too high, so the 1.5L model is clearly a better choice. In addition, the car with low vehicle configuration and no advantage, with more models are more abundant, the whole system comes standard with dual airbags, ABS EBD, the multi-function steering wheel configuration. With the above models have no key to enter the boot system, body stability control system, the ramp assist system, electric sunroof, reversing radar, etc.. Jac refine S3 guidance price: 6.58-8.48 yuan refine S3 as a small SUV, with the appearance of avant-garde design, get some attention to young users. Compared to competitors, S3 looks more individual, is in line with the tastes of young people, return rate is higher, at the same time, refine S3 have relatively good performance in other aspects. More critical is that this is equipped with a 6 speed manual and CVT stepless gearbox, which is very rare in the same level models. Harvard H1 guidance price: 6.89-8.29 yuan hover H1 further lower the Harvard SUV purchase threshold, the car shape fashionable atmosphere, exquisite interiors, the whole system is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, configuration is more abundant, the whole system comes standard with LED daytime running lights, a roof rack, aluminum alloy wheels, front and rear fog lamps ring configuration. The security configuration, the Harvard H1 standard ABS EBD, dual airbags, tire pressure monitoring system, reversing radar, beginning with low manual transmission models are equipped with ESP vehicle stability control system, with models and side airbags. Changan CS15 guidance price: 5.79-7.79 yuan in Changan as the brand’s entry-level SUV models, the car also will look standard young consumer groups, and Harvard H1, refine S2 models such as the most direct competitors. Compared to the appearance of CS15 in interior design is more conservative, style broadcast相关的主题文章: