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Lee Da Hae Cui Dongxu: don’t worry about Li Yifeng affair exposed netizens abducted Lee Da Hae and Tencent SE7EN entertainment news (Wen Xiaoyu) according to South Korean media reports, a circle of related personnel said singer SE7EN and actor Lee Da Hae are in love, and said the "two years of friends from the development of a romantic relationship." It is reported that two people in South Korea, mainly in the car for a date, but more overseas or travel to enjoy a date. Two familiar with some insiders said, the two men met friends for a long time, in difficult times become each other’s strength and natural development of a romantic relationship. Formal communication has been more than 1 years, but also a lot of friends around have been aware of things. Two people in Hongkong, Thailand and other places to enjoy a date." For the relationship between Lee Da Hae and SE7EN, most of the Chinese netizens expressed surprise, but gave a blessing, while South Korean netizens are not optimistic about this affair. Chinese: users don’t have to worry about Li Yifeng finally abducted to South korea! Some Chinese netizens comment on the relationship between the two people, many Chinese netizens have said live long to see, but compared to the romance of the two, the predecessor of the two also received attention. Lee Da Hae and Li Yifeng have had a lot of gossip, Chinese fans said: "too good, finally do not have to worry about Li Yifeng trafficked to South korea." The SE7EN had a relationship with Park Han Byul for 12 years, which, many users also said: I have always thought that the elder brother has been married to the 7." South Korean friends: and SE7EN together for 12 years Park Han Byul into what? South Korea netizen SE7EN was with RAIN famous Korean heartthrob, however in the army, had access to massage by force of punishment, has also been accused of South Korean people, popularity plummeted. And in 2014, SE7EN broke up with his girlfriend Park Han Byul, two people from acquaintance to break up for up to 12 years, but also make countless friends regret. For the relationship between Lee Da Hae and SE7EN, many Korean friends are not optimistic, and even feel sorry for the. Copyright statement: This article is exclusive Tencent entertainment manuscript, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable. ]相关的主题文章: