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Lewd women video was publicly   Trump was severely criticized the rare apology — people.com.cn Hainan window — people.com.cn picture the American media 7 days of exposure to a video display, the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump once boasted of women? Can "do", words vulgar explicit, with obvious insulting. This video caused a shock, Democrats and Republicans have accused Trump of being. The same day, Trump quite rare apology. [] the United States "Washington Post"’s exposure to 7 days of exposure of the video recorded in September 2005. At that time, Trump was on a bus, before the program was officially recorded with the "walk into the Hollywood," the talk show host Billy, chat with the. In the approximately 3 minutes of video, Trump to Bush, he can manipulate women, "I’m a celebrity, they will allow me to do so". Then, Trump openly described the move touch the private parts of women, "I can do anything". Speaking of trying to have a relationship with a married woman, Trump said, "I attacked her, but failed." In the video, a voice responds, "wow!" "I was on her offensive, like a bitch, but failed. She’s a married woman, "said Trump. Trump also talked about another actress who will meet, "I’d better chew tick sugar (similar to gum), I began to kiss her!" "Washington Post" reports, the video recording, and Trump has married third wife Rania mei. "Visual impact", "into the Hollywood" interview shows that the authenticity of the video. The program group staff said they see The Associated Press reports recorded in Trump job reality show "the apprentice" during the period of female job seekers humiliating and suggestive, so from the database found that never open video. The Southern Illinois University Paul Institute for public policy research? Simon David? "Simpson that although Trump often" big trouble, but the exposure of the video, will cause visual impact to people, plus the vulgar words are too explicit, is expected to seriously affect his support rate. "We have never seen a video like Trump in the modern presidential campaign," said Jeppesen, who was "sad" about the American political system". Republican strategist Ron bonjean predicted that this video? "For Trump, a political future on the" end game "…… If Trump wants to reverse the decline, I am afraid to conjure up the hat a rabbit out of it". Democratic presidential candidate Hilary, 7, Twitter Twitter on the criticism of Trump, creepy, we can not let this man become president of the". Although Hilary in recent days because of the wiki secret website to expose her thousands of black mail was questioned, but political analysts generally believe that she suffered much less than the impact of Trump. [Party]) not only in an uproar相关的主题文章: