Life Coaching Strategies Can Help You Land A Dream

UnCategorized Life coaching isn’t about looking into the past. Sure, it’s great to know why you ended up where you are, but a life coach is focused on where you are now and where you want to go. Many people feel dissatisfied with their life, but in reality, it could just be your job or your career dragging you down. A life coach can help you get out of that tiring and boring job into one that leaves you feeling great about going to work. Check out these important life coaching strategies for finding your dream job – and getting it! 1) Know What It Is You Want An important part of life coaching, when it comes to figuring out your dream job, is knowing exactly what career you would like. Life coaching strategies include things like sitting down with a pen and paper to jot down all the things that make up your dream job. Lots of things mean fulfillment to people – what are your key points of being happy in your career? What would be your perfect working day? To help you out, here are some hints about what your dream job might involve. Money? Maybe. But a dream job doesn’t have to be one that makes you rich. Some people working at minimum wage love their job and feel happy every day! Do you have a favorite hobby or a passion for something? There may be jobs in that area that you could get into. Think about how you could apply your interests and turn them into a dream job you love. Want excitement? Challenge? Like to be appreciated? Sure. A dream job is one where you have challenge, feel valued, and that you have room to grow. A dream job makes you feel ready to face the day and uses your best strengths. 2) Know What You Need To Get There Life coaching strategies involve getting from point A, where you’re feeling stuck, to point B, where you’ll be in a better position for happiness, personal satisfaction, and fulfillment. Now that you know ‘WHAT’ it is you want (your point B), you need to look at the steps that will take you to your goals. This is the ‘HOW’ of getting there. Do you need some education? Should you spread the word about your intentions? Are there people you need to start networking with that can help you? Will you need a certificate or skills you don’t have? Planning the steps to take to achieve your goal is an important part of landing your dream job. Having an outline is a good way for you to stay on track and move forward. Plus, breaking down your journey into smaller chunks makes it more manageable and easier to handle. When you feel like you’ve lost your focus, you can also take a look at your goals and the steps you need to take to boost your hope and get you going again. 3) Lights, Camera, Action! The only thing that is holding you back from a dream job is yourself. Nothing can stand in your way if you have a solid, realistic plan and goals that are attainable. So with the steps in mind, here’s the question. What are you going to do, and by when. Setting yourself tough time-based challenges that will move you forward quickly will build a head of momentum that will help you on tough days. It’s about getting there, one step at a time, by making those steps happen, each week, by using a discipline pulling you towards your dream job goal and how amazing that will be. You certainly can have a dream job that fits you much better than the one you have now – all you have to do is start moving ahead! Over to you! About the Author: (c) 2007 How To Land Your Dream Job . You can have the job of your dreams. It takes application, attention and the information you need to get you there, young or old. Checkout the free six-part e-course at Martin Haworth’s website, Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: