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Arts-and-Entertainment As a Mormon Sunday School teacher, it shocks me every Sunday to see how little the teenagers I teach know about the scriptures, church history and prophecies of the latter days. Although the LDS book industry prints materials and products to assist members in learning more, how many children and teens choose to read them? Living Scriptures animated videos and docudramas are wonderful tools that any Mormon parent can use to introduce their children and teens to the gospel through Bible story videos, the modern prophet hero product line, the docudrama Visit Israel and other animated stories from the Book of Mormon and American History. The Living Scriptures started in 1974 with audio cassette tapes that I still own (although I don’t think I have anything to play them on.) Their business model stipulated you could only buy them from sales people. Shortly after this time, Living Scriptures hired Orson Scott Card and Richard James Rich to write and illustrate their first animated stories of the Book of Mormon VHS tapes. (I’ve got those, too.) But they didn’t stop there. Bible story videos were next on the Living Scriptures list, and I was shocked that my children (the oldest was ten at the time) didn’t even know about Paul until they watched the Living Scriptures animated stories about his incredible missions. The Living Scriptures introduced my kids to the Book of Mormon and Bible stories with animated videos that they enjoyed watching and remembered! Another area our children often don’t know about is great figures of the past. So little of the historical hero classics are even taught in school anymore. Living Scriptures continued their animated stories by telling the true stories of the founding fathers, William Bradford, Helen Keller, Joan of Arc and more. All of Living Scriptures animated products are available at Deseret Book, but lately Living Scriptures has expanded their product line. Modern Prophets hero series is an awesome product that Living Scriptures chose not to animate. Instead they took LDS book industry knowledge and historical information to create prophets hero classics with living footage of the Mormon modern prophets when available, and other reenacted scenes. Living Scriptures also included actual photos and documents. Most exciting, Living Scriptures has only recently .pleted their Gordon B. Hinckley modern prophets hero video. I can’t wait to get one! And to .plete their Church history products, Living Scriptures has a movie forum of the restoration from the Mormon church beginnings in Palmyra to the international missionary efforts today. Another product Living Scriptures has recently released is Cleon Skousen’s docudrama Visit Israel, which includes six videos of the Holy Land and the history, traditions and scripture prophecies concerning Israel. Visit Israel CDs are also available at Deseret Book stores and are an incredible way to introduce your children to the scriptures and the prophecies in them that they may see fulfilled during their lifetimes. My children have truly benefited from Orson Scott Card and Richard James Rich’s first animated stories of the Bible and Book of Mormon VHS tapes. These new Living Scripture products of the modern prophet hero series, the hero classics and the documdrama Visit Israel are sure to add to their knowledge of the gospel, and I want to watch them too. 95a904e11769cdc6b88fc7852b4d3d46 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: