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Longevity of the ten major password! The original Jiangxi centenarians have the habit of saying, "there is an old house, a treasure, today is the Double Ninth Festival, Jiang Baojun wish health and longevity of the old people! Research data show that over the past 10 years, more than doubled the number of people over the age of 90. Jiangxi longevity index ranked thirteenth in the country, how many centenarians in Jiangxi? What are their longevity tips? Followed by a small series to see! Jiangxi longevity index ranked Thirteenth National Institute of geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher, Wang Wuyi, who has long been engaged in environmental and health research, according to the regional longevity index last year, draw a map of longevity. Down down through the "longevity map", have found these features down here? A 100 year old man in South China’s centenarians are located in the south, along the river basin distribution, mainly gathered in the five areas of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, southeast coast, Chongqing and the Central Plains, and distributed in the middle and low hills and alluvial plains. These 2 mild climate with an average annual temperature of Changshou District mostly warm, abundant rainfall in most areas, dense river network, high air humidity, sunshine. These factors constitute a pleasant climate, fresh air conditions. 3 dense vegetation in the mountains, the air is good and longevity of the elderly are concentrated in the hilly areas, where industry, noise and other pollution is less, coupled with dense vegetation, high oxygen content of air ions. 4 the water system developed many diseases caused by insufficient water intake. Where there is a lot of water, people tend to live longer. 5 cold climate, the impact of life in the northeast and northwest regions of the cold winter long, severe climate change, air dry, so the longevity of the elderly. So far, China Institute of Gerontology and geriatrics identified "China Changshouzhixiang" (more than and 60 in city and county as the administrative unit), but no one in the northeast. According to the provincial Commission for aging news, as of October 2015, there are 1202 centenarians in Jiangxi. And these centenarians, rural than urban, women than men. Shangrao centenarians Wang Lisheng: regular life joking here, is the old man! He was born in 1901 in Xinzhou District of Shangrao Qin Feng Xiang Huo Cun Jiao Tang, clear mind, quick thinking, good health, mental state is very good. Why is Wang Lisheng old man so healthy? Lifestyle is an important factor. Son Wang Dengshui said that his father is very regular meals a day, adequate sleep. In addition, the elderly always love to joke, said the old man". "He had a great time in his life, which made him live easily and less stress." Wang Dengshui said that this is an important factor in his father’s longevity. Xinyu centenarians Wu Xiangmei: listen to Yang Yuying’s "sweet song" in Xinyu city of Wanjianshan community residents in the eyes of Zhou Rulin, a 104 year old mother Wu Xiangmei is the biggest characteristic of diligent. She does not have any special requirements for eating, like eating eggplant, pumpkin, sweet potato. Fortunately, the old man still maintained a "heart of girl". She likes to listen to Yang Yuying’s songs!相关的主题文章: