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Web-Hosting Are you aware of that you can make a handsome profit online with reseller web hosting? Being a reseller hosting, you don’t really own and operate servers. Your responsibilities is usually to sell hosting. It is possible to charge whatever you want, and benefit from handsome margins. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you start out. Step 1: Select a reliable hosting .pany. Step 2: Get unlimited reseller hosting. Step 3: Setup your site. Step 4: Start selling hosting. Step 5: Relax and count money! Step 1: Pick a reliable web hosting .pany. This is extremely important so pay close attention. As a reseller hosting, the website hosting .pany is transparent to your clients. The customer deals through you, and when anything goes .pletely wrong, you have to provide support. In the event you choose an unstable host, your clients will encounter plenty of problems and blame you on their behalf. So be sure you select a reliable hosting .pany right from the start. If your .pany is stable enough, it doesn’t take a great deal to run a successful reseller web hosting .pany. Step 2: Sign up for reseller hosting. When you have selected the .pany, get a reseller web hosting account. A reseller account usually are more expensive than a .mon web host account. You’ll get more resources allocated to your account though. As an example, you get more disk space and bandwidth that you can sell. A reseller web hosting account also provides you with tools to control the hosting which you have the ability to sell. You’ll be able to bill customers, turn off accounts, etc. Step 3: Setup your business website. After you have your hosting account, one thing you must do would be to setup your site. You can setup a web site easily by using free software such as WordPress. If you don’t have the technical know-how, you can hire a freelance web development .pany to setup a professional looking site to suit your needs. Make sure you offer different ways for customers to contact you. Professional hosting .panies always offer email support in addition to instant chat support. Step 4: Start selling Internet hosting. Using a site, you can start selling website hosting. Should you possess a preexisting customer base, you can easily make a killing by offering Internet hosting. That way, you can provide additional value-added services and make them happier. As an example, you may be offering Internet marketing services and you know that your clients are seeking Internet hosting .panies as well. Which means you offer them low-cost hosting, and offer to look after their hosting needs for them as well. Remember, you only pay a monthly fee for the reseller web hosting. You can charge your customers whatever you like and make the difference. Step 5: Sit back and count money! That’s all. This really is that simple. Once you’ve customers, you can make money on a monthly basis. Every time a customer renews the account, you are making money. There isn’t any reason for them never to renew if you service your accounts properly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: