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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The social life of Kolkata is all the more vibrant. Much more than ever before, Kolkatans are looking to make the most of life. The young Kolkatan today is a go-getter, bursting with inexhaustible energy. Work hard, party harder is the favorite slogan among the city Gen Y, and this has rubbed on all and sundry. Entertainment and fast paced lifestyle has be.e the order of the day. This has culminated in the spiraling number of pubs, night clubs, restaurants, salons, movie theatres and fitness centers. Urbanzing.. is a splendid new addition to this fresh verve of the city. Its just what you have been waiting for: eating outs or night outs or movie watching or makeovers are just click of the mouse away at Urbanzing. You can find restaurants or pubs or night clubs or fitness centers or spas or anything that is of a quintessential metro life at the site. Its free. You can request a coupon from the site to avail of discount from a night club you choose to go for instance and also write a review on the same. You can refer to the reviews of other users while picking a restaurant or a salon as well. At Urbanzing, you know beforehand, what to expect of the place you choose to go. If you are going to a restaurant, you know the menus and the prices from the site itself. You get to know everything from the site like: till when a shop is open or what a shop offers or what are the prices. You can even share your night-out or partying plans on Facebook. Its a .plete package, and all of that is absolutely free. Urbanzing indeed helps you to manage your social life much better. Urbanzing is great news for businessmen as well. Do your business the smarter way with the site. Reach out to the net savvy consumers of Kolkata. If you own a spa or a night club or any shop, you can avail of the free business listing of the site. You will have a personalized webpage at the site absolutely free. This will work as your business website containing relevant information about your shop and photographs. You can direct your customers to this webpage of yours. You will also get stickers containing the address of your personalized webpage on Urbanzing. You can put these stickers on your menu cards etc. There is no time limit for free listing on the site as well. You can also avail of paid display advertisements on the site. So go ahead and make the most of life. Log on to urbanzing… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: