Man tea medicine mihun fans friends after the middle of fingerprint payment transfer-tamiflu

Our friends after middle man tea drugged with its fingerprint payment transfer. Recently, Jiangsu Changshu police received a report together, Li people more than ten thousand yuan bank card while we suspect Xiao Li is take wings to itself, not in telecommunications fraud, an unexpected clues floating out of the water. More than seven points on Thursday night, Mr. Li ordered a takeaway, WeChat is ready to pay, but found a bank card binding on balance only 5 cents. Then, she try to bind the other bank cards, but the balance of the card is only less than 1 dollars, which can put Mike in a cold sweat. She is very sure, add up to the balance of the two cards should be ten thousand yuan. At the same time, Mike’s Bank SMS, WeChat Alipay transaction records, transfer records, without any expenditure reminders or record. Subsequently, the police retrieved the Li bank transfer records. Records show that this ten thousand Yuan Li, by Alipay and WeChat, to a man surnamed Wang card. The man surnamed Wang, was her friend. Not long ago, but also deliberately brought him on the market is very rare black wolfberry. Victim Li introduced the day my friends call me a drink of water, said to be brought back from Xinjiang things to my taste, I drank a cup of tea. However, for the day night. Mike’s impression is not deep, even after tea appeared dizziness symptoms. Did you have a cup of tea in this universe? Immediately, the police on Mike’s body were detected. Changshou City Public Security Bureau of Hongqiao police station Liu Zhiwei introduced to detect Li fluids, found to contain narcotic ingredients. It seems that the black Chinese wolfberry tea in a really strange. Subsequently, Wang surrendered to the police station, he admitted buying a potion of anesthesia in the network, which is the other after drinking will be delirious. Then, he played a crooked brains. After Mike drink this potion with anesthesia of black Chinese wolfberry tea, can appear the symptom such as dizziness. More than an hour after completely sleeping. At this time, Wang Li took out the mobile phone, secretly by Mike’s fingerprints, the WeChat, Alipay transfer operation, the money into his account. Subsequently, Wang has removed all transaction records, and Mike downstairs, looked at the rickety upstairs before leaving mike. At present, Wang has been jingfangxingju.

男子茶中下迷药 迷昏朋友后用其指纹支付转账 ​近日,江苏常熟警方接到一起报案,市民小李银行卡上的一万多元不翼而飞,正当大家怀疑小李是不是陷入电信诈骗的圈套时,一个意外的线索浮出了水面。上周四晚上七点多,市民小李点了一份外卖,正准备微信支付时,却发现绑定的一张银行卡上余额仅剩5毛钱。随后,她尝试绑定另一张银行卡,但这张卡上的余额也仅剩不到1块钱,这可把小李吓出了一身冷汗。她很确定,这两张卡上的余额加起来应该有一万多元。与此同时,小李的银行的短信、微信交易记录、支付宝转账记录,都没有任何支出的提醒或记录。随后,民警调取了小李的银行转账记录。记录显示,小李的这一万多元,是通过支付宝和微信,转到了一名姓王的男子卡上。而这位王姓男子,竟是她的朋友。前不久,还还特意给他带了市面上非常少见的黑枸杞。受害人小李介绍,那天我朋友喊我喝水,说是从新疆带回来的东西给我尝一下 ,结果我喝了一杯茶。不过,对于当天晚上的事小李的印象并不深刻,甚至喝茶之后出现了头晕乏力的症状。莫非这杯茶内有乾坤?随即,民警对小李的身体情况进行了检测。常熟市公安局虹桥派出所民警刘芷维介绍,对小李的体液进行检测,发现含有麻醉剂成分。看来,黑枸杞茶中确有蹊跷。随后,王某来到派出所自首,他承认自己在网络上购买了一种麻醉药水,号称是对方喝了之后会神志不清。于是,他就动起了歪脑筋。小李喝下这掺了麻醉药水的黑枸杞茶之后,就出现头晕等症状。一个多小时后完全昏睡。这时,王某就掏出小李的手机,偷偷地利用小李的指纹,进行了微信、支付宝转账操作,将钱转入了自己账户。随后,王某又删除了所有交易记录,并将小李送到楼下,看着小李摇摇晃晃上楼后才离开。目前,王某已被警方刑拘。相关的主题文章: