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McGrady proud Remao three managers career escape one round spell – Sohu   sports; McGrady’s occupation career, contradiction is a gorgeous and tragic combination. For T-MAC great pull up for 35 seconds, his 13 points away, he led the team to 22 wins for the epic chapter, many fans and basketball insiders Heo Young Saeng also memorable. But McGrady’s attitude, he said loose character, but many insiders will be tempted to shake up. The beginning of this century, McGrady was recognized as League superstar in magic, he helped the team reach the playoffs for three consecutive years, and twice won the scoring title. Unfortunately, the 3 playoffs, McGrady team were round tour. Although as individuals, McGrady was on the limelight without the two, in the eyes of many people, McGrady is not a true leader. At that time, magic coach Doug – Rivers is so think. Although, for McGrady basketball talent, Rivers never deny. But in the handsome view, McGrady should use their talent, to lead the team, not addicted to personal attack. It is handsome in this view, but let him gradually with McGrady went sour. 2003-04 season, the contradiction between the two accumulated to the top. Because of Rivers’s tactical dissatisfaction, McGrady from the beginning of the season, it go-slow. And his sluggish performance, but also directly led to the fall of the magic team. After the start of the season, in addition to the magic in the opener by overtime battle against Nicks, then, they lost 10 games in a row and this leads to the ball, Rivers class. However, the handsome class, did not improve the magic of the situation, after which they are mad all the way to lose, and experienced a terrible 19 losing streak. But at the end of the season, the magic of Tracy McGrady to high-level finally unbearable, through a great deal, sent him to the rockets. The Rockets Tracy McGrady early show again their outstanding basketball talent, he and Yao Ming combination, even once considered after O’neal and Kobe, both inside and outside the line of the most powerful group of two people. But unfortunately, due to injuries and so on, between four and three degrees McGrady led the rockets into the playoffs, but still could not escape the curse of a tour. During this period, he was lazy, lack of responsibility training, competition attitude, but also gradually led to the dissatisfaction of the coaching staff. 08-09 season, the Rockets lineup, aimed at the championship, but McGrady but because of injuries, only played 35 regular season games. After one season, McGrady conflicts with the coaches, managers are increasingly sharp. He did not greet the case, without authorization to announce the decision of the season reimbursement and comeback, completely disrupted the team’s overall plan. McGrady is because of willful, ego approach, the rocket in the 09-10 season he packed away. At the end of the occupation career, McGrady was very bad. But he is proud of the personality, but not too much change. In the 2010-11 season, McGrady daduangong piston period, he personally directed the team "rebel door". Because of dissatisfaction with the then coach John Custer, Tracy McGrady, Prince, Hamilton, Ben Wallace and other old)相关的主题文章: