Meeting strangers for money spent 30 thousand to know the new guy cheated in network-diying

Lu Yu spent 30 thousand strangers for money guy knows the new network – Awang said that he was cheated in the doctor, home factory, has more than and 300 employees, also continue to reveal their family words deep, career is in the promotion period. Lu Yu stranger to borrow money, he spent 30 thousand to know cheated Washington "brother, I lost my wallet, borrow some money!" If in the street to meet a stranger suddenly to you the money, most people will be vigilant, but in this little guy Jiangxi Nie, finally spent 30 thousand yuan that this is a scam. Small Nie 28 years old this year, working in a technology company. Not long ago, the small NIE to nearby Xiasha university town in Hangzhou to work, suddenly there is a decent man dressed up, the man claiming to be Awang. Awang said he to Xiasha taxi from the city, mobile phone and wallet in the taxi, taxi to find a friend wanted to borrow some money. Small Nie heart a soft, lend Awang 100 yuan. But Awang said enough, small Nie Awang in smart clothes, so Awang gave 400 yuan. Two people exchanged mobile phone number, immediately agreed to pay back the money. Awang is a "trustworthy", not long after the small Nie about money. Awang saw a small Nie, cordial handshake address each other as brothers. Awang said that he is a doctor at a hospital in Xiaoshan, home in Xiaoshan factory, has more than and 300 employees, speech also revealed his family constantly deep, career is in the promotion period. "I want to give this to Xiasha, leading to give a red envelope meaning, but lost the wallet." Awang asked the small Nie borrow some money. That small Nie the identity of Awang, a respected friend thought understanding, after may also need help, he promised to lend money. So the little Nie gave Awang more than 8000 yuan in cash. This is not enough, the small Nie took Awang back to his place, and gave him 25000 yuan. After that, Awang never came back. At this time the little Nie realized cheated. Not long ago, Awang was arrested. Awang surname, 26 years old, Anhui, unemployed. According to the preliminary investigation, in addition to the Nie cheated 30 thousand yuan, at least 5 people were cheated 200 yuan to 5000 yuan ranging from xx. Newspaper reporter Chen Kaikai correspondent Ni Lingling相关的主题文章: