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Men pass 100 children pull 17 people raped girl pornographic video police in major suspects Sohn home seized a laptop computer, hard disk and other items involved. In the picture, the notebook computer is a foreign secret forum website. Police suspect Sohn (China) will be arrested in his home, Sohn confessed to the police through the dissemination of pornographic information outside the secret website process. Beijing, a 19 year old college student Sohn login overseas secret website, will be purchased from the Internet or exchange of hundreds of children to upload pornographic videos to the forum. Police investigation found that more than 30 victims in the video for the majority of rural girls in remote areas, was raped and indecent video was recorded for sale. Recently, the Municipal Public Security Bureau network security brigade successfully destroyed Beijing’s first use of overseas network Internet media rape indecent girls pornographic information group, arrested in Beijing suspected of spreading obscene articles of the 8 suspects, and cooperate with local police arrested on suspicion of rape, molestation of girls 17 suspects. JINGWAH Times reporter Changxin China children raped video transferred outside the site in March 7, 2016, the Beijing network security corps received a clue to the Ministry of Public Security reported that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security customs immigration law enforcement officers found in routine inspections, there are Chinese users in a number of foreign secret website published a large number of child pornography images and video information. The publisher IP belongs to Beijing. According to the network security corps four brigade investigators Aman Chang introduced overseas secret network space is some using conventional search engines to search the cyber source set, they are stored in the network database, want to contact, needs the dynamic web technology to access specific. Through technical research, network security corps police login related sites, but open the video but let the police angry and sad. Aman Chang said that the Chinese publish hundreds of video rape indecent girls outside the secret forum website, in these long in a few to tens of minutes of the video, a total of more than 30 years Chinese girl has been adultery and molesting children. Video shot by giving girls or candy to girls’ toys and girls to the house, lured wood or motorcycle, the girls of rape or indecent. The video uploaded by the publisher has been up to more than 2 times the amount of hits, more than 7000 times the reply. College children with pornographic videos for the forum VIP according to the United States to provide the IP address and related information, network security corps police through the investigation of the suspect to upload the video Sohn (male, 19 years old, Beijing people). The evening of March 13th, police in Beijing City, a district of Chaoyang District Sohn home and arrested him, seized the site storage adultery child molestation pornographic videos, pictures, audio, novels and other data of 400G computer and mobile hard disk, mobile hard disk in the computer and seized the 4T capacity of the various pornographic content information. According to Aman Chang introduction, Sohn was arrested at a university in Beijing is an economic management professional sophomore students after the trial, Sohn confessed, out of a personal hobby, he through Baidu cloud disk and other Internet technology, has purchased and exchange a lot of girls being raped indecent video. Depending on the quality of the video content and the quality of different, the price of a video in 30 to $3000. Sun family conditions yin.相关的主题文章: