Men talk about love, female graduate students cheated 60 thousand to know each other is a man aizi

Men love talk "female graduate students cheated 60 thousand just know each other is a man of Qin and Chu network news (Shiyan Evening News) reporter He Li reported: Danjiangkou man Lee WeChat met a man claiming to be the graduate student" girl ", in 4 months, Lee has 20 times to the named" swallow "the netizen transfers 60 thousand yuan. After Lee proposed to meet, swallow disappeared. 21, the police will swallow captured, Li Moucai know that he was a man. In April this year, Lee met by WeChat called a swallow of the girl, swallow claiming to be 23 years old this year, graduate students in Wuhan, and in her circle of friends WeChat upload multiple photos from the camera. Lee saw these pictures, attracted by the outstanding ability, looks lovely "girl", two people often chat, then develop into a love relationship. Since then, the swallow is often home sick, reading exams, pay phone calls and so on as an excuse to ask her to send a red envelope, transfer. Lee confirmed his feelings for "swallow" is true, to "swallow" is always there, although they had never met, but in 4 months time, Lee has 20 times to "swallow" to 60 thousand yuan. During the period from August to September this year, Lee repeatedly invited swallow to meet in Danjiangkou, have been swallow to reject a variety of reasons. At the beginning of September, Lee to travel via Wuhan, proposed to visit "swallow", but also can not contact her. Lee this just felt wrong, rushed to the Danjiangkou Municipal Public Security Bureau police. Through the investigation, the Danjiangkou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade in 21 in Yunyang area hotels will "swallow" arrested. At this moment Li Moucai knew that the swallow was a man. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: