Ministry of human resources and social administration the examination paper of civil servants is

Ministry of human resources and social administration: the civil service examination answers the same questions, applicants at least banned for 5 years, the new year national test is approaching. Yesterday, the Ministry of human resources and Social Security announced the "civil service exam hiring violations" measures (hereinafter referred to as "measures"). The "measures" has intensified a crackdown on high-tech cheating, added similar related content answer processing, from October onwards, the same subject answers in the civil service examination is similar, and the marking of the expert group confirmed, five years or even a lifetime shall not apply for civil service. Organized cheating will be recorded for a long time, and the punishment of cheating in exams will be intensified in the method. For those who have serious disciplinary violations and especially serious violation of discipline, the candidates should cancel their qualifications and refuse to employ them, and they should be credited to the civil service examination archives, and the records should be kept for 5 years or long-term records. For plagiarism, plagiarism or forged documents to assist in the examination, treatment to cancel the qualification exam, and entered the civil service examination integrity archives, records for a period of five years; and if instead of others or make others instead of their exams and verified as cheating or organized cheating, will long term records. For employees who organize or plan to organize cheating or play a major role in organized cheating, they shall be expelled. If a crime is constituted, criminal liability shall be investigated in accordance with the law. In addition, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that, compared with the trial method, the newly promulgated Measures have increased the processing terms of the same answer paper. "Method" stipulates that in the process of marking the same content of the same subjects found in the examination content, and by the examination expert group confirmation, by the specific organization to implement the examination of the examination institutions to give the subjects (screenings) examination results invalid treatment. At the same time, the same subjects answered the same content, and there are other relevant evidence to prove that their cheating is established, as the specific circumstances within 5 years until life can not apply for civil servants. The head of the state civil service bureau pointed out that the competent department of civil servants should resolutely crack down on any fair and impartial examination, and "zero tolerance" for cheating in examinations". "In recent years, cheating has begun to focus on high technology. This year, increase the processing terms of the same answer, to punish the use of high-tech means to implement cheating behavior provides a basis, in order to increase the crackdown on high-tech cheating." Dissatisfied with the punishment may apply for administrative reconsideration, the relevant person in charge also said that the new "measures" focus on the convergence of the relevant laws and regulations. For example, with the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" link, "method" increased the disturbing the examination point, examination order punishment clause. Including: intentionally disrupt the test sites, the examination room examination work order; refuse or hinder the staff to fulfill management responsibilities; threat, insult, libel, slander staff or other applicants and other acts, shall be ordered to leave the room; if the circumstances are serious, can enter the test ban list, in violation of the "Security Management Punishment Law and according to law by the public security organs; constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. In addition, the civil service authorities also published the "civil service exam admission violation disciplinary action decision book" style text, which clearly "if not satisfied with the decision to deal with, can be.""

人社部:公务员考试答卷雷同 报考者至少禁考5年新一年度国考将至。昨日,人力社保部公布《公务员考试录用违纪违规行为处理办法》(以下简称《办法》)。《办法》加大了对高科技作弊行为的打击力度,增加了雷同答卷处理的有关内容,从10月起,公务员考试中同一科目作答内容雷同,并经阅卷专家组确认的,五年内甚至终生不得报考公务员。有组织作弊将被长期记录在案《办法》中加大了对考试作弊行为的处罚力度。对有严重违纪违规行为和特别严重违纪违规行为的报考者取消当次报考资格、不予录用,并记入公务员考试录用诚信档案库,视情形记录5年或者长期记录。对抄袭、协助抄袭的或持伪造证件参加考试的,取消本次考试资格的处理,并记入公务员考试录用诚信档案库,记录期限为五年;而如果代替他人或者让他人代替自己参加考试的、经查实认定为串通作弊或者有组织作弊的,则将长期记录。对于录用工作人员组织、策划有组织作弊或者在有组织作弊中起主要作用的,则给予开除处分。构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。增加雷同答卷的处理条款北京青年报记者注意到,与试行办法相比,新颁布的办法中,增加了雷同答卷的处理条款。《办法》规定,在阅卷过程中发现报考者之间同一科目作答内容雷同,并经阅卷专家组确认的,由具体组织实施考试的考试机构给予其该科目(场次)考试成绩无效的处理。同时,报考者之间同一科目作答内容雷同,并有其他相关证据证明其作弊行为成立的,视具体情形5年内直至终生不得报考公务员。国家公务员局相关负责人指出,公务员主管部门对任何破坏考试公平公正的行为坚决予以打击,对考试作弊行为“零容忍”。“近年来,作弊开始盯上高科技。此次,增加雷同答卷的处理条款,为惩处利用高科技手段实施作弊的行为提供了依据,以此加大对高科技作弊的打击力度。”对处罚不满可申请行政复议相关负责人还表示,新《办法》注重与有关法律法规的衔接。比如,与《治安管理处罚法》的衔接,《办法》就增加了有关扰乱考点、考试秩序的处罚条款。包括:故意扰乱考点、考场等考试录用工作场所秩序的;拒绝、妨碍工作人员履行管理职责的;威胁、侮辱、诽谤、诬陷工作人员或者其他报考者的等行为,责令离开考场;情节严重的,可入禁考名单,对违反《治安管理处罚法》的,交由公安机关依法处理;构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。此外,公务员主管部门还同时公布了《公务员考试录用违纪违规行为处理决定书》的样式文本,其中明确“如对处理决定不服,可自收到本处理决定书之日起60日内依法申请行政复议,或者自收到本处理决定书之日起六个月内依法提起行政诉讼。”相关的主题文章: