More than 600 people were killed in the air strikes in Yemen more than a dozen countries to deny air-melia kreiling

Yemen’s air raid casualties more than 600 multinational coalition air strikes to deny the original title: Yemen funeral air raid casualties of more than 600 people a day in the 8 Yemen capital Sanaa funeral attack. City Health Department said that air strikes killed at least 140 people were killed and more than and 500 people were injured. Yemen Jose armed air strikes to identify the multinational coalition led by Saudi Arabia, but the latter denied. The funeral tragedy of hundreds of thousands of people participated in the day in Jose armed south of Sana’a held interior minister Jalal Ali · · Ravi is father’s funeral. A witness said, in the meantime, the funeral hall was repeatedly missiles, one of them with a tail of smoke hit the building, the other one is falling in the vicinity. Shortly after the incident, ambulances and fire engines rushed to the scene. A rescue worker described the scene, limbs scattered around the incomplete besmeared with blood. The number of casualties is different. Yemen UN humanitarian coordinator Jamie · McGoldrick said, a preliminary report of Sana’a health department show that the attack killed more than and 140 people, injured more than 525 people. The Associated Press reported that Ravisan was seriously injured in the attack. Including Sana’a mayor Abdel Qadir · Hilal, some Jose armed senior officials were killed in the attack. Yemen Jose armed air strikes to identify the Saudi led multinational Coalition for, but they denied the same day the warplanes attacked the funeral scene, "said the coalition did not take any action on this area bombing". McGoldrick, the humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, the country’s biggest casualty, said in a statement that the humanitarian team in Yemen was "shocked and outraged" by the air strikes". He condemned the "terrible attack" to remind the parties to the conflict in Yemen for international humanitarian protection of civilian and civilian facilities". He also called for an immediate investigation into the attack. "The international community should exert pressure and influence on all sides of the conflict to ensure the protection of civilians," McGoldrick said. "The violence against civilians in Yemen should be stopped immediately." A number of media reports said that this is the largest number of military casualties since the joint military action against Yemen since the air strikes alone. In September 2014, Yemen Jose armed captured several city including Sanaa, the southern city of Aden, the president of Yemen Abudulabu · Mansoor · Hardy, then in exile in Saudi arabia. March 2015, Saudi Arabia and other countries for the launch of the armed forces "decisive storm" military action. Re evaluation decisive storm military operations carried out so far, the United States has repeatedly urged Saudi Arabia to avoid causing casualties of non armed. But analysts say the United States to dissuade Saudi civilian casualties have been continuously turn a deaf ear to, the tight relations between the two countries. The White House National Security Council spokesman ned · Price said in a statement the same day, the United States will reassess the Saudi led multinational coalition support. "Security cooperation with the United States is not a lip-service," Price said. "(2相关的主题文章: