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Music poet Gu Chuanmin won five of one hundred positive energy Excellence Award — entertainment channel, music poet, famous writer Gu Chuanmin, always adhere to the mainstream, positive energy creation, attention, known as the "positive energy god". Recently, the central network information office guidance, Chinese Internet development fund will be hosted by,, global network, Chinese youth network, hosted the 2015 annual "five one hundred" positive energy network quality awards, from the valley Chuanmin poetry "heroic sacrifice" was awarded "five one hundred" a network of positive energy for excellent text. Gu Chuanmin’s Poems "heroic sacrifice" was awarded "five one hundred" positive energy network text Excellence Award is the creation of the Chuanmin Valley "hero" is the first offering in the 70 anniversary of the 2015, the world anti fascist war and the victory of the Anti Japanese War China occasion, and during the same period of creation of a parade to Japanese soldiers and Valhalla salute and deeply cherish the memory of poetry. The author is difficult to curb the heart of the Anti Japanese martyrs infinite respect and nostalgia, one for the poetry language is plain, heavy, but not frustrated as beauty, artistic beauty, such a theme, in the author’s pen to show art personality, let the reader to enjoy the beauty of art have a strong resonance, and the author or the theme of poetry, has the innovation performance. Since the poem was published, more than seventy national media have reproduced, by many users create a variety of web pages to be spread through WeChat or other new media, produced extensive and positive social positive energy. "Music poet" Chuanmin Valley it is understood that the "five one hundred" positive energy network selection activities for a long time, radiation, wide repercussions. According to the activities of the jury, the number of Internet users to participate in the vote up to 120 million passengers, the total amount of topics related to the click of the 2 billion 800 million. Internet users generally believe that the selection of activities set up the guidance, gather consensus, boost morale, ignite the passion, sounded clear cyberspace trumpet, let the positive energy from the Internet space. (commissioning editor Wu Yaxiong and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: