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Nanjing mayor: fine construction management   build a first-class city night scene – name card Jiangsu windows — original title: scientific management of fine construction to create a first-class city night name card this year, the city started the urban nightscape lighting upgrade project for 3 years, some of the nodes in the first trial on national day. The evening of October 8th, mayor Miu Ruilin went to the main city of some landscape lighting upgrade project site, field view of lighting effects. Miu Ruilin stressed that the lighting upgrade project is a test of the level of city management, to elaborate construction, scientific management, to create lighting products, with bright lights adorn the southern capital, make first-class city night become Nanjing’s new city name card. Vice mayor Chu Yonghong to participate in the inspection. The main city of the night lighting 3 years to promote the project mainly around the Yangtze River, the Qinhuai River, Xuanwu Lake, Ming city wall, the outer ring road and the city’s important nodes, the implementation of the night lighting upgrade, with the lights outlined landscape forest. In the examination, Miu Ruilin has come to Sun Palace Pier, NanJing Railway Station south drop off platform, Yingtian Avenue elevated, Zhonghua Gate, Yuhua gate, Wuding gate, Magnolia Road, NanJing South Railway Station, Zhongshan Gate, northern platform off exit to view the nightscape lighting upgrade project progress and try bright light effect. Along the way, the bright lights painted a picture of the city of Nanjing beautiful picture: seen from the Xuanwu Lake, Mount Jiuhua Ambilight; NanJing Railway Station South Square on the bamboo posts and around Xuanwu Lake lights with each other; the door, the door of Wuding light show highlighting the gates of ancient rhyme; large colorful lights change the porcelain tower dress up the old south. In the examination, Miu Ruilin repeatedly told the relevant district and departments responsible person, should pay attention to the polished details, additions to existing dark areas, to create a uniform light, the lighting effect and the surrounding environment. The next night lighting to enhance the work, Miu Ruilin stressed that to high standards of planning, in accordance with the characteristics of different regions of the construction business district, window area, system planning, careful construction, reflects the characteristics of. To adhere to the "ecological environment" concept, the use of energy-saving materials, the use of new energy-saving technologies and materials to reduce the impact of light on traffic safety. To choose the domestic first-class night lighting engineering design and construction units, fine construction, improve the management level, to ensure the quality of the project. Lighting project in the main roads to build along the street, point into line, increase the lighting facilities along the unit, to form a complete and orderly unified night landscape. The window for City Road intersection, overpasses and other important nodes and the surrounding buildings, to be balanced, form echoes of the landscape, highlighting the Nanjing new rhyme. (Mao Qing) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: